My Buffalo Cryo Experience


A few days ago I paid a visit to Buffalo Cryo to try out the cryotherapy technology. Having read and heard about the advantages (see the full list here) of cryotherapy I thought I would experience it for myself and see if the affects really do pay off.

Ready for this!

Ready for this!

Dr. Jake talking to me about what is happening to my body during the session

Dr. Jake talking to me about what is happening to my body during the session

Walking in, it was super easy, friendly and quick. Being my first session, Dr. Jake and Pat (owners) explained each step with me in full detail and really made the process fun and educational. Before heading in the cryosauna Dr. Jake took my temperature (walking in at 86 degrees) you want to see it drop by at least 20 degrees by then end of the three minutes.

While in the chamber Dr. Jake talks to you about all the benefits, what you should be feeling and if anything feels just not right, you let him know. At one point I remember being so cold and he told be that I could march in place and that helped to keep the blood flowing.

Look at that face (happy with that temperature drop)

Look at that face (happy with that temperature drop)

Once exiting the cryosauna, he took my temperature again and it was at 41 degrees, which was great. Before hoping on the bike to get my blood flowing again, he did a complimentary cryo facial on me (thank you!!) which has all those benefits of the whole body session, but just to your face.


Over the course of the last few days I’ve noticed the areas where I have had a lot of tension, have eased up, my performance at spin class and running the last two days has been better and I’ve had more energy. It is suggested that you do a session every 7-0 days and you should usually schedule it for after your peak workout session. I’m looking forward to going back.

Some helpful facts to know:

  • Your first session is only $25

  • On Thursdays you can bring a friend and receive 50% off treatments (heck yes!)

  • They offer kombucha from Snowy Owl post sessions

  • They are located in the Creamery building on Scott St. and have customer parking in the lot located next to the building.

  • The whole process only took about 20 minutes which is great for those who have busy schedules and need to get in and out (I went on the lunch hour)

  • Wear loose clothing for post session warm up

And lastly, a very special thank you to my friend K. Sweet for documenting my experience for me. Love you girl!


To see video from my session - check it out on my Insta story - @bybuffalob

More fun wintertime activities

Guys, today on my feature for fun wintertime activities I'm talking about some places I have mentioned before, but all offer great activities to get you through this winter slump. 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

The first is the Buffalo Zoo. Continuing with embracing the winter in Western New York, head to the zoo during February for Polar Bear Days where admission is only $5 and parking is free. Enjoy the beautiful animals as they embrace the winter season. I love the Zoo year round, but if you hate going in the summer when its crowded this is the perfect time to go.

You can stop by exhibits {indoor and out} and see the animals up close without dealing with all the people. Make sure to check out the Maned Wolf, I heard there's a pretty cool blogger who sponsors that exhibit {lol}.


Next up on my list is fishing, not ice fishing, but the real, fun fishing with Ryan from Brookdog Fishing Co. Check out his website to get more info, but trust me, its a once in a lifetime experience. You can also check out my past posts too {Nov. 2017, Fishing in the Lower River & July 2017, My newest adventure with Brookdoh Fishing Co.} 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

Lastly is the fun village of Ellicottville. Of course Holiday Valley offers tubing, skiing, snowboarding and much more, but the heart of village has a variety of different shops, coffee houses and pubs that make it a special place to visit and embrace the winter in the heart of "ski country."

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

I could sit here and list a dozen more things to do from spending a day at the Aquarium in Niagara Falls, NY to learning about science at the Science Museum, or visiting your local library and finding some good books to read on those days school is cancelled or during Presidents Day week. Or go on a distillery or brewery tour, there are so many in town now, that you could make a day of it with your friends. Whatever you decide to do with the rest of this winter season, just embrace each day and all it offers because each day is about creating new memories with those you love. 



Embrace the Winter with Fun Classes from Skate Great, Inc.

Learn to skate at Canalside with Skate Great! 

Learn to skate at Canalside with Skate Great! 

Continuing with the fun wintertime activities, last week I sat down with Jessica from Skate Great, Inc.  .  I have ice skated a couple times in my life, but I am not good and pretty much have to hang on to the side of the rink so I don't fall. In an effort to share more of my "adventures" with you, I got out on the ice last week at Canalside for a hot minute {if you follow me on Instagram you can check out my insta-story video for the next 24 hours to see how bad I am}. 

Over the next few weeks learning to skate with Skate Great is on my to-do list. Let's face it, if we have to deal with the winter, I want to embrace the fun activities that go along with it. 


In the meantime learn more about Jess and Skate Great, Inc. below ---->

Celebrating 20 years in Western New York, Skate Great is the largest learn to skate program in the area. Offering a number of programs from learning to skate, hockey skills to baby blades and intro to dance, there is something for everyone. 

Jess from Skate Great, Inc. 

Jess from Skate Great, Inc. 

Jessica took over ownership of Skate Great six years ago, after the former owner, Janice passed away. Jess started in competitive figure skating and continued to coach in College. Since she has taken over the business, it has grown. Offering programs year round at Holiday Twin Rinks and Leisure Rinks, Skate Great also offers seasonal programs at Canalside, East Aurora and Hamburg. 


When I asked Jess what her favorite thing about owning a business is, she said she loves teaching beginners and loves seeing people who want to learn and want to skate, the emotions and hard work is special. It's not only personal for Jess, but for every coach that is on the Skate Great team. They are loyal and emotionally attached to the work they do.


When I asked Jess what her favorite thing about Buffalo is, she said the people. Everybody knows someone, but you still get to meet new people. Buffalo's tough and you only find that in WNY. 


So if yo're looking for something fun to do, Skate Great offers a number of different programs for all ages, check out their website {HERE} to learn more about their programs and pricing. If you have a question, Jess will always respond, so embrace the wintertime and enjoy some fun activities! 




Embrace the Chill




When I hosted my blog party last month I had a jar on the counter for guests to write down blog post ideas they'd like me to cover. Moving into the next phase of Just a Blonde in Buffalo, I want to focus more on sharing my experiences with you. I think it reflects where and what is going on in my life to a certain degree. 


I received a number of notes that said they'd like me to feature things to do in WNY during the winter time. Let's face it winter can be very depressing, with the cold, snow and lack of sunlight it can put a damper on things. If you're one that loves winter because you ski, snowboard or whatever it may be, that's great, but I think you are a rare breed and myself and probably others are jealous of you for that. 

Chris teaching me

Chris teaching me

In an effort to show those who may not necessarily like winter that it can be fun, I've attempted {I say attempt because I am no pro at the activities I'm about to post} a handful of fun wintertime things you, your family and friends can partake in. {Note that what I post this week, not all of these activities are outdoors}. 

Any who, today I'm featuring CURLING! I've never curled before, I don't know how it started or why, but I will tell you I had so many laughs and I still have some bruises {totally worth it}. This activity was a lot of fun and pretty much anyone can do it. 

Chris showing us the ropes 

Chris showing us the ropes 

Thanks to my friends over at Canalside - Todd, Mike and Erin participated in my "adventure" with me. Are curling instructor for the day was Chris and he started off demonstrating the proper ways to push off the block and slide the stones on the ice. He then showed us the right way to sweep the ice with the curling broom. 


From there we were ready to compete {everything turns out to be a competition with me}. It was the guys vs. the gals. The first few times I "took off" from the foot block was hysterically embarrassing. My stone didn't even make it to center ice, it wasn't until the 3rd or 4th try that I got the hang of it, needless to say I think everyone got a few good laughs in.

Look at that face... first time curling 

Look at that face... first time curling 


Thanks to Erin sweeping the ice and then accidentally falling over one, she was able to knock out the guys stone and we were on the target - that was how we got our 1 and only point and how we took the lead. We went back and forth for a few more rounds and how it ended - the guys won.  

Girls on the target 

Girls on the target 


SO here are the details if you  want to Curl at Canalside. 

  1. Visit Canalside Buffalo's website to reserve your spot - Click here and it will take you directly to the Curling page
  2. Sign the waiver before you arrive - this saves you time and give you more time on the ice 
  3. Minimum amount of people is 4, max is 10 people per lane
  4. Curling is 1 hour long 
  5. Pricing during the week is $10 per person. Weekends {beginning 5 p.m. Friday} and Holidays is $15 per person 
  6. Make sure to visit Canalside's website and social media to find out their hours of operation 

I honestly had so much fun, laughed a lot and didn't even think about the cold and dreary weather. Once you're done curling you can visit the warm Winter Lodge for beverages { alcohol and non-alcoholic} and snacks. 



Happy Opening Day Buffalo!!

Happy Opening Day Buffalo!!! Even though I'm not there to celebrate opening day in Buffalo, I'm reppin' my spirit in Poland. Its a great time to come down to Coca-Cola Field and celebrate everything the Buffalo Bisons Organization is doing this spring and summer.  Make sure to celebrate with us as we celebrate this wonderful season.

{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

Bills Training Camp


With the first Bill's pre-season game this Saturday, I thought it was only fitting to post my day trip  to Bills Training Camp yesterday with my friend Kelsey {a fellow Bills fan as well}. We headed out to the 10am practice and it was quite nice, not only were we rolling "VIP" with passes in the hospitality tent {thanks to our friend Nick}, but we were also able to snag some selfies with the players too.


Overall practice was HOT and fun to watch. Being at camp makes me want football season here. Only a few more weeks! In the meantime here is the schedule for the rest of training camp in case you want to head out to SJF.



{morning views from the hospitality tent}

Until next time!


{Photos - Just a Blonde in Buffalo pics}


{let's practice}



{let's play some football}


{Cardale Jones}


{Jerry Hughes!}



Friday Finds!

{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos} IMG_0956

{the Grove Juice Truck is by far one of my favorite food trucks in the area!}


{Flying kites and hanging out with some of the best local businesses on Sunday was a highlight from this past week}


{Yoga night success, a beautiful view of the diamond under the lights}


{unique and pretty cool artwork inside the silos from Silo City}


{I'm ready to work - inside a tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium this past week}

Buffalo Marathon

buf mar prep

{Buffalo Marathon prep}

Sunday morning 7,500+ people took to the streets of Buffalo to run either 26.2 or 13.1 miles. The course took you through all parts of town and the community came out to show their support. People lined the streets to cheer for loved ones and complete strangers. This was my second half marathon and my first time doing the Buffalo Marathon and doing it by myself. It was an experience and words honestly can't describe how I feel. The support and encouragement from complete strangers and the beautiful scenery I ran through makes me love this city even more. To everyone involved in the race, thank you for creating an event that I will always remember.


buf mar

{Lined up and ready for the start}

buffalo marathon

{Post race}

buf mar 1

{My number one fan - My Dad}

buf mar 2

{Mission accomplished!}

Sometimes You Have to Just Let Go & See What Happens

It's the 30th of the month and the last day of my 30 favorite things around town post. Today, I'm talking about my job. When I made the jump from non-profit back to the for profit world I was very unsure if I would succeed or do as well as I did in the non-profit world. I realized though, you only get one shot sometimes and I didn't want to live my life thinking "what if." The decision of leaving non-profit and accepting a position with the Bisons is one that I am thankful for each day. In the almost two years of working there I have learned so much and have been given many opportunities that I may not have had if I didn't just let go and see what would happen. Sometimes its just takes you going outside of your comfort zone to see what you're really made of. Happy Monday!


photo 1 (2)


FullSizeRender Up on the blog today, favorite thing # 5 that I love about WNY…the Buffalo Bills. That’s really not a surprise, but I’ve come to enjoy Sunday home games at the Ralph even more now because its father/daughter time with my Dad. While the games may not always be enjoyable to watch, having great company makes up for it. I'm looking forward to this coming season to see what the boys will do!


#Itsjustfun My Ellicottville Day Trip!

1 This past Monday my friend, Annette and I took the day off and decided to make a day full of fun in Ellicottville. We knew we were going to grab brunch at Katy's before heading to Holiday Valley to try out the ski boards. As we got closer to the date, we decided on either doing cross country skiing or tubing to save a couple bucks {because I'm "living on a budget" more now a days}.


{I love these coffee mugs at Katy's}

When we arrived in Ellicottville it was a little later than planned {this was my fault because I arrived late to Annette's house}. Katy's only serves breakfast until noon {note to self if you plan on doing the same thing}. So we grabbed lunch which was pretty good {I had the Firecracker Panini and Annette had the Tannenbaum Panini} and then decided to go to tubing.


{Holiday Valley Tubing - Open Thursday thru Sunday}

We went down the street {because Holiday Valley tubing isn't located on the main resort that the skiing and snowboarding is on}. When we arrived, the parking lot was plowed, but no one {I mean NO ONE} was there. To our surprise they are closed Monday thru Wednesday. Yes, I say to our surprise because I assumed it was open the same hours as the main resort is {don't ever assume}. So we decided to head to the main lodge and get an adult beverage and then decide if we wanted to hit the slopes. When we arrived, the bar was closed {we literally laughed out loud at this point}. We then decided to just head back in to town and grab some drinks at EBC {Ellicottville Brewing Company}.


{Some of the slopes}


{The view was so pretty}



{Beer flights at EBC! I found some new beers I like beside my go to Blueberry Wheat}

While the day didn't go as we planned, we still made the best of it and had a fun day off { #itsjustfun - Holiday Valley's tagline}.

As much as I dislike and never really post anything negative about places I go on my blog, I am always honest with what I share and share my opinion, so here it goes... I love Holiday Valley, I think its a great place to go, but I do think that their website is a bit confusing and isn't as "straightforward" as it could be. I feel like it takes multiple clicks and pages to get to the information you are looking for.

I will also say, it seems {comparing to my last year's snowboarding experience} that weekends and nights are their busiest time, so instead of having coupons geared for more of the Canadian clientele or offering coupons for your peak hours, why not offer coupons or discounts for those "off peak" hours. There wasn't nearly as many people on a Monday afternoon as compared to a weekend.

I understand Holiday Valley is ranked in the top 10 for best resorts in the East, but for those people on a budget and not as experienced in skiing or snowboarding {like me}, it can be expensive and steer people away. While are plans for a adventure packed Monday didn't go as we had planned, we still made the best of it and have new memories we made.

Until next time.




Bills Game Thoughts #...3

IMG_2784 I've said it before, but Monday's are always better when the Buffalo Bills win! I know this past season I've shared my thoughts on games that happened earlier in the season, today is no different. Yesterday's game brought excitement, fun and some observations that I thought I would write about.

1. Half of the arguments or attempts to fight each other by fans come from girls starting trouble. Yes, I just said that. There is always that one {or two} girls that come to the game with a group of their friends or with their boyfriend and have enough drinks in them to act or say something that starts trouble. Which brings me to my second observation...

2. Nothing good comes when people drink to much! Don't get me wrong I love football and I love attending the games, but yesterday's first half took forever! And with that fans had more time to grab some more beers and make more "great" decisions.

3. We won! So why were people racing to pull out of the parking lots and cut people off? Don't get me wrong after every game there are always some people that drive not so great, but more than usual, yesterday brought out the worst in fans as they left the stadium by car.

I feel like you may think I'm a stick in the mud and being a little "negative Nancy," but these are my observations. I do enjoy the games... A LOT, I just think that people get lost in all the hype and build up that surrounds football games and they forget to act like responsible adults.

Until tomorrow...


A Memorable Gameday Experience


{My Dad and I on the field post Bills game}

My Dad and I have been going to Bills games for quite some time now, its nice "father/daughter time," so after this past Sunday's game we had the opportunity to head on the field. While I thought it wasn't going to be as exciting as pre-game passes would be, it was a lot of fun! The loss to Kansas City put a "little" damper on the day, but we made best of the situation and the experience. We got to take pictures, run around the field and throw the football around. The Bills staff were friendly, personable and fun which made it more enjoyable. It was definitely a memory that will stay with me through the years. Below are a few of the photos I captured.

Go Bills! And SQUISH THE FISH tonight!



{Yes, I had to take a selfie on the field}




A Reflection... #OneBuffalo

IMG_1408 It started off with a huge celebration, the Pegula Family, introduced by Chris Berman on the big screens at the Ralph, chants, signs saying One Buffalo, Johnny Rzeznik performing the National Anthem to us looking pretty good in the beginning of the game. Then it happened, the horrible officiating started to take place {to the point where it looked like they didn't even know what penalties they were calling on}, to the horrible Brady who wouldn't even give a high five to the half time little league team playing on the field {really is a high five gonna hurt you Brady}, all to Gronkowski crying that he got "hurt."

With the lack of patience fans were having with the NFL Officials {I don't even know if I should call them that} the game day staff wasn't any better, we had event staff walk up and down are section at least 6 or 7 times before they decided to kick a fan out for being rude during almost the whole game. It really takes you that many times to decide whether or not this person should go?!? Oh and let me not forget to mention the lady who maybe watched a total of 10 minutes of the whole game. Instead she felt that getting food and drink and walking around aimlessly was the way to go. I think she would have been better off staying at her tailgate or hosting a party at her home, it probably would have saved her a few dollars.

I know I sound harsh, don't get me wrong I do enjoy {very much} going to the games with my Dad. And I must say I am lucky we sit next to some awesome people, but I feel the need to voice my opinion on what I observe each week. Yes, I know its an NFL game, but am I wrong to ask where people's common sense has gone. As fans we build up this "hype" that we have to do x, y and z and isn't the real reason we're all there to watch a football game?

Until next time! Go Bills!


Bills game, National Anthem 10.12.14 

{Click above to watch my video of the end of the National Anthem performed by Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls}


{I'm not the only one who thought the officiating was bad}


{Breast Cancer Survivors took the field during the end of the 3rd quarter}


{Follow me on Instagram for more photos I took from the game. My handle is bybuffalob}

Leaving a Legacy

IMG_1325 As I'm writing this post I still have goosebumps from the Buffalo Bills win against the Detroit Lions. What a game! Every game is important to win, but A LOT was on the line for Buffalo. 1. This was the last game where the Buffalo Bills are owned by the Wilson family. 2. Winning this game keeps us first in line in the AFC. 3. Whenever there is a quarterback change as fans you always wonder how it will our favor or not.

While play calling was iffy at times, the team came together till the very end to lead their fans in a nail bitter winning game. I can only imagine what Mary Wilson and the rest of the Wilson family were thinking as they watched on. Ralph Wilson has done so much for the Buffalo Community, not only by owning the Buffalo Bills, but by leaving billions of dollars to go to local charities in this community. He was a man that was smart, passionate, positive and influential. A role model. And I can only hope that others follow in his footsteps.

Sunday marked an end of the Wilson era, but their legacy will last forever in the hearts and minds of Bills fans everywhere.

Until next week! Go Bills!!!


Buffalo Bills Fans - Just a Blonde in Buffalo

{ click above - I captured this video of fans at Bada Bing after we won the game. #Buffalove }

My NFL Fan Style - Buffalo Bills

{ My NFL Style - Buffalo Bills, Just a Blonde in Buffalo }


{ My friend Lacey taking selfies post win, check out her blog #forty74 }

group photo

{ The girls! Go Bills }

Observing Fans...

image Monday's are always not that great, but they especially stink after a Bills loss. While there were some highlights to Sunday's game {specifically, Lee Evans leading the charge} there are some things I observed at the game and am now voicing my opinion on....brace yourself.  Let me mention I've noticed these following things multiple times before.

1. Fans that wear jerseys of teams not playing { i.e; wearing a Patriots jersey to a Bills vs. Chargers game}. Don't get me wrong I'm all for fans showing their pride for the teams they like, but I've never understood why people do this.

2. The fans who constantly get up from their seats 20 million times {yes I'm exaggerating, sort of} during the game. The whole point of you being at the game is to watch and cheer on your team, not to go back and forth from your seat to the concourse.

3. The annoying and sometimes ignorant {yes I said it} fans who meet up with friends and squeeze multiple people into 3 seats and aren't considerate of others around them. I'm all for meeting up and saying hi to your friends, but never understood cramming a bunch of people all together. If you're going to the game together and don't want to be separated then get seats ALL TOGETHER! Yes, I understand based on availability that may not always be an option, but then plan to meet during certain times during the game somewhere.

4. I'm all about pride and cheering on your team, but when one or two plays don't go the way you want and fans start screaming ridiculous things, well to me it gets a little annoying. As a fan I want my team to get the big win just as much as you, but  do people think screaming things that don't make sense out during a game will make it better?

Maybe I'm being to harsh or crazy, but those are my 4 pet peeves at a football games. What are some of your pet peeves?

Go Bills!





A Magical Day


{Photo taken from Buffalo Bills Instagram}

The past week has been great for the Buffalo Bills Organization and Community. A new owner {The Pegulas}, the team is 2-0 and Jim Kelly is cancer free.  But yesterday was magical.  The home opener not only celebrated Mr. Ralph C. Wilson's legacy, but reminded us all of what he did for this community.

Clips were shown before and throughout the game of players and coaches, past and present speaking of their memories of Mr. Wilson. Pre-game ceremonies also honored Mrs. Mary Wilson with the Wall of Fame Ring and the unveiling of his name forever in gold on the wall. He took a chance on Buffalo and will be missed by many, but forever cherished for a life well lived.

I'm lucky to be able to go to the games and cheer on the team at home, but the most important opportunity I have is that I get to spend time with my Father. In this day and age its hard to see and spend as much time as you want with the ones you love and I'm thankful and lucky that I can spend an entire Sunday with him throughout the football season.

Until next week, go Bills!





Buffalo Bills Training Camp

photo 3 (4) The first home Buffalo Bills preseason game is taking place this Saturday at the Ralph. Last week Lauren and I went on our annual trip to training camp at St. John Fisher College. The day was perfect, nice weather, sno cones, photos and a little football. Camp is nice because you can purchase any Bills merchandise you may want before the season at the store on campus, they have a play area for kids to run around and participate in activities and you have the opportunity to interact and see the players on a much closer scale. Being at camp makes me look forward to the start of football season which is less than a month away! Go Bills!

There are still a few more practices you can catch. Check the schedule here.


photo 5 (5)

photo 2 (3)

photo 4 (3)

photo 3 (3)

photo 3

photo 1 (3)

photo 1 (5)

photo 3 (5)

photo 2 (2)

photo 4


Buffalove in Canton Ohio!

Bills Pride. That's how I feel about this past weekend's Hall of Fame ceremonies. With Andre Reed and his teammates visiting Canton, Ohio this weekend I think if people didn't get how passionate Buffalo Bills fans are, they got it after this weekend. I loved the cheers, standing ovations and chants that you could see and hear on TV. I can only imagine what it was like in person. This weekend has just prepped me for training camp next week and for football season to finally be here. Go Bills! -B

Its hard for me to say which part of the induction ceremony was my favorite, but I will say these are the three of my favorite quotes from last night.

"12 plus 83 always equals 6" - Andre Reed and Jim Kelly

"Kelly Tough might be one thing, but the mental part and the toughness comes from the people around you." - Jim Kelly

"Where would you rather be than right here, right now." - Andre Reed


{ Photo courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame }


#WorldCup2014 Canalside Buffalo

buffalove Sunday Canalside Buffalo held a viewing for the USA vs. Portugal game. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was great and the game was, well so-so. Its great to see a "little" life come back to downtown and what's even more better is to see all the activities starting to take shape down at canalside.

There were a lot of people who turned out to view the World Cup Soccer game on the big screens, the Cheesy Chick food truck and beverage tents were on hand as well. While I think the viewing screens could have been a little bigger it was nice they were allowing people to bring in their own food and drink, some brought the family down and had picnic's set up. Those people were smart because they didn't have to wait in long lines.

There was even what I am calling a "Buffalove" tent set-up for people to purchase Buffalo shirts and pictures. For putting the event together in just a couple days, the turnout was great and people not only showed their American pride in Red, White and Blue, but they showed their Buffalo pride too.




canal 1

canal 3