My Buffalo Cryo Experience


A few days ago I paid a visit to Buffalo Cryo to try out the cryotherapy technology. Having read and heard about the advantages (see the full list here) of cryotherapy I thought I would experience it for myself and see if the affects really do pay off.

Ready for this!

Ready for this!

Dr. Jake talking to me about what is happening to my body during the session

Dr. Jake talking to me about what is happening to my body during the session

Walking in, it was super easy, friendly and quick. Being my first session, Dr. Jake and Pat (owners) explained each step with me in full detail and really made the process fun and educational. Before heading in the cryosauna Dr. Jake took my temperature (walking in at 86 degrees) you want to see it drop by at least 20 degrees by then end of the three minutes.

While in the chamber Dr. Jake talks to you about all the benefits, what you should be feeling and if anything feels just not right, you let him know. At one point I remember being so cold and he told be that I could march in place and that helped to keep the blood flowing.

Look at that face (happy with that temperature drop)

Look at that face (happy with that temperature drop)

Once exiting the cryosauna, he took my temperature again and it was at 41 degrees, which was great. Before hoping on the bike to get my blood flowing again, he did a complimentary cryo facial on me (thank you!!) which has all those benefits of the whole body session, but just to your face.


Over the course of the last few days I’ve noticed the areas where I have had a lot of tension, have eased up, my performance at spin class and running the last two days has been better and I’ve had more energy. It is suggested that you do a session every 7-0 days and you should usually schedule it for after your peak workout session. I’m looking forward to going back.

Some helpful facts to know:

  • Your first session is only $25

  • On Thursdays you can bring a friend and receive 50% off treatments (heck yes!)

  • They offer kombucha from Snowy Owl post sessions

  • They are located in the Creamery building on Scott St. and have customer parking in the lot located next to the building.

  • The whole process only took about 20 minutes which is great for those who have busy schedules and need to get in and out (I went on the lunch hour)

  • Wear loose clothing for post session warm up

And lastly, a very special thank you to my friend K. Sweet for documenting my experience for me. Love you girl!


To see video from my session - check it out on my Insta story - @bybuffalob