More fun wintertime activities

Guys, today on my feature for fun wintertime activities I'm talking about some places I have mentioned before, but all offer great activities to get you through this winter slump. 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

The first is the Buffalo Zoo. Continuing with embracing the winter in Western New York, head to the zoo during February for Polar Bear Days where admission is only $5 and parking is free. Enjoy the beautiful animals as they embrace the winter season. I love the Zoo year round, but if you hate going in the summer when its crowded this is the perfect time to go.

You can stop by exhibits {indoor and out} and see the animals up close without dealing with all the people. Make sure to check out the Maned Wolf, I heard there's a pretty cool blogger who sponsors that exhibit {lol}.


Next up on my list is fishing, not ice fishing, but the real, fun fishing with Ryan from Brookdog Fishing Co. Check out his website to get more info, but trust me, its a once in a lifetime experience. You can also check out my past posts too {Nov. 2017, Fishing in the Lower River & July 2017, My newest adventure with Brookdoh Fishing Co.} 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

Lastly is the fun village of Ellicottville. Of course Holiday Valley offers tubing, skiing, snowboarding and much more, but the heart of village has a variety of different shops, coffee houses and pubs that make it a special place to visit and embrace the winter in the heart of "ski country."

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

I could sit here and list a dozen more things to do from spending a day at the Aquarium in Niagara Falls, NY to learning about science at the Science Museum, or visiting your local library and finding some good books to read on those days school is cancelled or during Presidents Day week. Or go on a distillery or brewery tour, there are so many in town now, that you could make a day of it with your friends. Whatever you decide to do with the rest of this winter season, just embrace each day and all it offers because each day is about creating new memories with those you love. 



Cool Art at a Sculpture Park

I've had the Griffis Sculpture Park on my bucket list of places to visit for over a year now, so I was determined this past weekend to pay a visit and do some exploring while getting some fresh air with my niece. A 45-50 minute drive from Buffalo, the park is located just before Ellicottville {driving down to Ellicottville this time of year is beautiful with the fall foliage taking place which was an added bonus}. There are three different trails to travel in the park; Green - easy, Blue- moderate, Red- hard. My niece and I went through the green trail and half of the blue trail before turning around because her sneakers were soaked. It was definitely a cool place to go and for a small donation of $5 for anyone over 12 {seniors and students $3} it was a nice way to spend your afternoon.


The park is open May thru October and closed for the winter, if you've never been it is definitely a place I would say you should check out come next spring. While we only spent a couple hours there, guests can have picnics and make a full day of it. Whatever your bring in, they ask that you take out with you. Below are some of the handful of pictures I snapped.



{Just a Blonde in Buffalo Photos}

As you entered the park sculptures were on both sides of the road


The entrance to the green trail





The scenery was just beautiful

Just A Blonde in Buffalo {Fireworks Guide}

fireworks With the 4th of July on Saturday I thought I would compose a list of places I like to go to watch fireworks. Most places have fireworks starting at dusk {9-9:30pm}. Where are some places you like to go to watch fireworks?

July 3rd: 

  • Coca Cola Field - if you're in the downtown area on Friday night - I'm sure you'll see these up in the sky
  • Woodlawn Beach in Hamburg
  • Niagara Falls Goat Island

July 4th:

  • Canalside - Fireworks by the water - what can be more better than that!
  • Cheektowaga Town Park
  • Ellicottville {Summer Fest}



#Itsjustfun My Ellicottville Day Trip!

1 This past Monday my friend, Annette and I took the day off and decided to make a day full of fun in Ellicottville. We knew we were going to grab brunch at Katy's before heading to Holiday Valley to try out the ski boards. As we got closer to the date, we decided on either doing cross country skiing or tubing to save a couple bucks {because I'm "living on a budget" more now a days}.


{I love these coffee mugs at Katy's}

When we arrived in Ellicottville it was a little later than planned {this was my fault because I arrived late to Annette's house}. Katy's only serves breakfast until noon {note to self if you plan on doing the same thing}. So we grabbed lunch which was pretty good {I had the Firecracker Panini and Annette had the Tannenbaum Panini} and then decided to go to tubing.


{Holiday Valley Tubing - Open Thursday thru Sunday}

We went down the street {because Holiday Valley tubing isn't located on the main resort that the skiing and snowboarding is on}. When we arrived, the parking lot was plowed, but no one {I mean NO ONE} was there. To our surprise they are closed Monday thru Wednesday. Yes, I say to our surprise because I assumed it was open the same hours as the main resort is {don't ever assume}. So we decided to head to the main lodge and get an adult beverage and then decide if we wanted to hit the slopes. When we arrived, the bar was closed {we literally laughed out loud at this point}. We then decided to just head back in to town and grab some drinks at EBC {Ellicottville Brewing Company}.


{Some of the slopes}


{The view was so pretty}



{Beer flights at EBC! I found some new beers I like beside my go to Blueberry Wheat}

While the day didn't go as we planned, we still made the best of it and had a fun day off { #itsjustfun - Holiday Valley's tagline}.

As much as I dislike and never really post anything negative about places I go on my blog, I am always honest with what I share and share my opinion, so here it goes... I love Holiday Valley, I think its a great place to go, but I do think that their website is a bit confusing and isn't as "straightforward" as it could be. I feel like it takes multiple clicks and pages to get to the information you are looking for.

I will also say, it seems {comparing to my last year's snowboarding experience} that weekends and nights are their busiest time, so instead of having coupons geared for more of the Canadian clientele or offering coupons for your peak hours, why not offer coupons or discounts for those "off peak" hours. There wasn't nearly as many people on a Monday afternoon as compared to a weekend.

I understand Holiday Valley is ranked in the top 10 for best resorts in the East, but for those people on a budget and not as experienced in skiing or snowboarding {like me}, it can be expensive and steer people away. While are plans for a adventure packed Monday didn't go as we had planned, we still made the best of it and have new memories we made.

Until next time.




February To-Do

february[1] We are in the second month of the year and not to get to boring, but the beginning of 2015 hasn't gone exactly as I wanted {yes, I know that's how life goes}. While I focused so much on what I didn't do and what didn't go right for me, I need to think of what did. I met some amazing people and did some pretty cool things. I, {like I think most people are}, am my worst critic, I focus on always improving myself and the things that I didn't do, that I don't take the time to enjoy what I've accomplished.

February is about getting back to me - focusing on my goals and enjoying the things I do for me and not being so hard on myself {or at least trying to - this isn't going to be an overnight switch-a-roo}. So today I'm kicking it off by heading to Holiday Valley for the day. I took the day off and am looking forward to a day of Ellicottville fun with Annette.

A  couple other things  I have on the calendar that I'm looking forward to this month are trying some new fitness classes out {Barre at Catalyst, Pound at BikeorBar, incorporating a little yoga in my life - if you know of a good studio to go to let me know! and learning more TRX at Revolution Buffalo}, a Makers Buffalo Class is always fun!, a Niagara Wine Trail wine tour for a friend's birthday, the Polar Bites event benefiting the Buffalo Zoo and planning the finishing touches for my 30th birthday party next month. Who knows what else will come up, but sometimes its those "unplanned" adventures that make the best memories.

What are some fun things you are looking forward to this month. Leave them in the comments section below and I'll pick a random person to win a gift card to 716!




A Fall Festival Full of Fun


{Just being a kid and playing in the leaves}

I made my way to Fall Fest again this year with Annette. While I always love going to Ellicottville {maybe its because I don't get there very often} the scenery is beautiful and I love the local shops that line the streets. This year I observed more and took in all that its worth.

1. There are a lot of talented artists that line the streets during this festival weekend, new food vendors lined the food truck row and the Armor Inn Truck seemed to be a popular spot to go.

2. Katy's is awesome. While we only stopped to get a coffee, the food looked so good! It is a must go back, place for me!

3. Bars are starting to charge cover earlier than normal {at least I think so, instead of what I thought was once 2pm it was now 1pm}.

4. State Troopers were out more than ever. I've seen one or two in years past, but this year we saw a handful going and coming from the event

5. For a single girl like me, I love seeing the attractive men that attend this event ;)

If you have never been I encourage going even if its just once. It makes for a fun Fall day and usually takes place the second weekend in October.




{Love this sign outside Katy's}


{ A cute place to go, full of knick knacks, it even has a "Husband Drop Off Center" for those guys in your life}


{I love Ellicottville Brewing Company}


{One of my favorite shots I captured}


Friday Favorites!

It's Friday and I'm looking forward to spending some quality Mother/Daughter time with my Mom tonight at the Billieve event in the Falls. Tomorrow its off to Fall Fest in Ellicottville and Sunday we are back home at the Ralph. Its a busy weekend, but I'm looking forward to the memories that will be made. Enjoy! -B

FullSizeRender (6)

It's nice to walk down Main St. and get a nice cup of coffee at the Buffalo Coffee Roastery. The staff is always so friendly there.

FullSizeRender (9)

A view of my city. The Metro Rail Downtown.

FullSizeRender (11)

Catching up with Jeni, by taking a nice stroll down Hertel this past week. I love the Elephant we stumbled upon {and the trunk is up!}

FullSizeRender (13)

Snapping a little "selfie" at the Albright Knox's First Friday. See my thoughts on it next week!

lacey home

Lacey was home this past weekend so of course that called for happy hour at Cantina Loco! I love this photo captured of us.


cooks event Join in an evening of supporting local heroes and delicious treats from Chef Richert of Torches at Modern Kitchens of Buffalo. For event info click here.


Last year my Mom and I went to the Billieve event as spectators, not actually participating in the Live Ribbon on the Rainbow Bridge. This year we are and I'm excited to share this experience with her. Click here for all of the event info and to sign up.


While Ellicottville will be bustling this weekend for their Fall Fest, the Allentown Association will be hosting one of their own. For those who love the area and don't want to tackle the 40 minute drive south, head downtown for the Allentown Fall Festival.  Food trucks, children's activities and much more will be on hand for you.

golden ticket

Love chocolate? Then head to Fowler's Chocolates on Saturday Oct. 11 or Monday Oct. 13 and take a self guided tour of the chocolate factory. For $2 you get to participate in the Annual Factory Tour and help a great cause, the Make-A-Wish of WNY organization.