Labor Day Weekend

I can’t believe Labor Day weekend is here. It is the first summer I’ve had in a long time that it didn’t consist of work all day (and night). Looking back at it, it flew by and I don’t feel I got to everything on my summer bucket list. While this weekend will consist of trying to get to some of those items on my list, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to promote some fun things to do if you still want to get the most out of summer.


One of the places I went to back in July was Panama Rocks in Chautauqua County. While I haven’t been there since I was about 8 or 9 years old it was so much fun taking my niece and nephew and exploring with them. Even though they told me that they would have had more fun with their Uncle, I ignored that comment and made the most of exploring the caves, hiking the trails and looking over the cliffs.

exploring caves

exploring caves

If hiking Panama Rocks isn’t your cup of tea and you want to stay closer to Buffalo, the Zoo offers on Labor Day $5 admission – check out the dinosaurs, Boomerang Island, Mohan the baby rhino and Toni the baby sea lion or hit up the waterfront and take in the beautiful views and kayak, paddle board, bike or walk around the area.


Whatever it is that you decide to do I hope you spend this holiday weekend laughing, loving and creating new memories.


Lumagination 2019


Its been a few years since I’ve attended the Lumagination event at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens so this past weekend my sister along with my niece and nephew went with me to see “The Magic of Air.” Running until February 24th I suggest getting there early (you may have to wait in line for a few minutes) but walking through the exhibits isn’t as crowded.

There are some special themed nights, like, Family Night with the Buffalo Zoo where Zoo members receive Botanical Garden member prices. They also offer Lumagination Happy Hours for those looking to grab a drink or two before (or after) experiencing the exhibit

You can find pricing, dates, times and more information at Buffalo Gardens. com

The Maned Wolf at the Buffalo Zoo

If you know me you know my love for animals and you know my love for the Buffalo Zoo. A couple years ago I decided to sponsor the Maned Wolf exhibit at the Zoo. Located in the Vanishing Animals North section of the Zoo, the Maned Wolf's exhibit is near Zebras, Scout the {adorable!} red panda and the snow leopards exhibits. 

Vanishing Animals North is located in the upper right hand corner of the Zoo map

Vanishing Animals North is located in the upper right hand corner of the Zoo map

I reached out to my friends at the Zoo to see if I could learn more about the beautiful animals in the exhibit I sponsor and meet their keeper. Thanks to the Zoo staff I was able to meet with Catherine Carroll about two weeks ago to learn more about Kev and Elisa the two maned wolves that call the Buffalo Zoo their home. To spare you a long, long post {because I could talk forever about animals} I summarized what I learned below...

Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Zoo 

Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Zoo 

Kev is 11 and Elisa is 15, similar to a dog a unique feature guests may not know is the maned wolf has a unique bark/howl that is not 100% a bark, nor howl. Both animals have access to the outdoors at night as long as the temperature outside is over 30 degrees. They have enrichment every day that includes everything from toys, moving around exhibit pieces {such as logs and putting natural spices on them} and hiding toys in hay piles to name a few. They each get a "wolf smoothie" everyday to get the fruits and veggies they need for their diet and they are fed separately. The keepers track records of what they eat, how much they eat and do daily exams on both of them. Kev and Elisa enjoy to snuggle and you can often seem them cuddled together on top of the tall rock on the right hand side of the their exhibit. 

Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Zoo

Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Zoo

Catherine is born and raised in Buffalo and has been a keeper at the Buffalo Zoo for over 25+ years. Let me tell you she is an amazing person! She always knew she wanted to be a keeper and has a love for all animals, saying they are like her"children." She is a lead keeper so not only does she care for the animals and clean the exhibit and prepare meals for them, she also is in charge of scheduling other keepers on her team, ordering supplies and much, much more. She works with other animal departments and other Zoo's to see what enrichment programs they do with their animals and to bounce ideas off of each other. 

Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Zoo

Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Zoo

One thing many people may not know, is a lot of keepers do more than just take care of animals. In their spare time they may run fundraisers or programs that focus on other conservation efforts that play a very important role in not only our lives, but in the lives of the animals they care for each and every day. 


Talking with Catherine only made me appreciate more of the work her and the rest of the keepers at the Buffalo Zoo and around the world do to care for animals. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that we {the general public} may take for granted. The next time you're at the Buffalo Zoo make sure to pay a visit to the Vanishing Animals North section and appreciate all the beautiful animals you can see and learn about. 

Thank you Catherine {& team} for all that you do each and every day. 



More fun wintertime activities

Guys, today on my feature for fun wintertime activities I'm talking about some places I have mentioned before, but all offer great activities to get you through this winter slump. 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

throwing it back to 2017 when me and my friends from work took a trip to the zoo 

The first is the Buffalo Zoo. Continuing with embracing the winter in Western New York, head to the zoo during February for Polar Bear Days where admission is only $5 and parking is free. Enjoy the beautiful animals as they embrace the winter season. I love the Zoo year round, but if you hate going in the summer when its crowded this is the perfect time to go.

You can stop by exhibits {indoor and out} and see the animals up close without dealing with all the people. Make sure to check out the Maned Wolf, I heard there's a pretty cool blogger who sponsors that exhibit {lol}.


Next up on my list is fishing, not ice fishing, but the real, fun fishing with Ryan from Brookdog Fishing Co. Check out his website to get more info, but trust me, its a once in a lifetime experience. You can also check out my past posts too {Nov. 2017, Fishing in the Lower River & July 2017, My newest adventure with Brookdoh Fishing Co.} 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

this photo was from my trip with Ryan back in November, you have such a good time that the cold weather becomes secondary. 

Lastly is the fun village of Ellicottville. Of course Holiday Valley offers tubing, skiing, snowboarding and much more, but the heart of village has a variety of different shops, coffee houses and pubs that make it a special place to visit and embrace the winter in the heart of "ski country."

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

learn to snowboard at Holiday Valley 

I could sit here and list a dozen more things to do from spending a day at the Aquarium in Niagara Falls, NY to learning about science at the Science Museum, or visiting your local library and finding some good books to read on those days school is cancelled or during Presidents Day week. Or go on a distillery or brewery tour, there are so many in town now, that you could make a day of it with your friends. Whatever you decide to do with the rest of this winter season, just embrace each day and all it offers because each day is about creating new memories with those you love. 



Women Who Move Buffalo - The Gals from Love in Motion Yoga

It's been a while since I've posted about my women who move Buffalo series, not because I haven't met some pretty cool people recently, but just because life has gotten in the way. Anyways...last year I was introduced to Kate and Kathleen from Love in Motion Yoga  they started teaching free yoga classes at the Outer Harbor on Wednesday's and Saturday's. Jump to today and what I'll say is you really never know how things will go when you meet new people, sometimes your relationship can be pretty minimal and other times it can grow into something wonderful and that's what I say happened with us. Since then, we've collaborated more, laughed more and they've taught me to just live my life.

{the studio}

On Saturday morning before their busy day full of classes they were kind enough to invite me into to their studio to share their story. Check it out below...

{during our interview - a candid shot of behind the scenes work at LIM}

BP:  How did you two meet?

K&K: Kathleen was in the training process to become a yoga instructor and attended Kate's first yoga class she was teaching in 2008 and the rest is history!

BP: What made you gals want to go into business together?

K&K: It's been 5- 6 years in the making, we've talked about going into business together and knew that was both of our end goals and visions.

BP: How did you both get into the yoga scene?

K&K: Kate: I'm a runner and wanted to stretch {I wish I recorded Kate's response, it is a lot better than just reading it here.} Kathleen: my sister suggested me taking it up after a phone conversation I had with her.

BP: What do you love most about owning your own business?

K&K: We can do whatever we want.  Any idea or vision we have, if we want to make it happen or just go out and do it, we can. The way we can show up in the community and be apart of something great, is a great feeling.

BP: What is your most memorable experience together?

K&K: {through the laughter} the  time we got pulled over at the Canadian border on our way to teaching a retreat. We had a full cooler full of raw food and they stopped us thinking we were smuggling things in.

BP: What do you love about Buffalo? If you had to chose one thing what would it be?

K&K: The community and the collaboration among small businesses. Collaboration is good for everyone and there is a bigger sense of working together here than if you were in another city.

BP: What is one thing you want people to take away from LIM?

K&K: The sense of coming like you are. Yoga can be fun and there are no expectations, no putting on an act. Its about getting connected and tapping into your body. Its about enjoying the practice, "it's chill."

{nothing but smiles at LIM}

One thing I can say is once you meet Kate and Kath your life will change for the better. They bring out the best in people, they do so much for others in the community and always treat everyone with respect and love. They want everyone to be able to practice so if you are financially in a pinch, give them a call and talk to them.

Like I mentioned above, these ladies do so much for the WNY community. Just this week alone they are doing a feel good series at the Buffalo Zoo to raise funds for animal enrichment and Pause in the Park at Roswell Park. And on Oct. 8th check out LIM looonnggg flow w/Kath.  For a complete list of upcoming events and workshops click here.

I'll leave you all with this.. "there are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better." Kate and Kath do that for me and I can bet money they probably do that for others in this community as well. Thank you ladies for reminding us all to be the best version of ourselves each day.


{a little advice from the LIM instagram account}



Friday Finds


{inside the barn of Pittsford Farms Dairy - their ice cream is so good! and I love that clock}


{I love these bridal party gifts I got from Pretty Sugar Paperie! Gina did an awesome job, so happy I learned about her local business}


{when my Aunt and Cousin come to visit and bring me Swiss Chalet! Its been so long since I've had it. It reminds me of when I was younger and me and my family would go to the one that used to be downtown on Main St in the Theater District. Yum!}


{Jothi in the elephant yard at the Buffalo Zoo a couple weeks ago}


{working with the United Way is always a fun time, especially when includes the mascots!}

One of my favorite places in town


{A little family fun at the lion exhibit, Mom had to come in and break up some rough housing between Father and Son}

My love for the Buffalo Zoo increases more and more every time I'm there. The more I learn about the animals and their habitats the more passionate I am to support a great organization.



Last Sunday the Pro Zoo Board was lucky to receive a behind the scenes tour from Donna Fernandes. Donna is one of the most intelligent woman I know and being able to have her talk about the animals while we walked the Zoo grounds was awesome.


{Luna bear}


{checking out the Maned Wolf exhibit}

It's an exciting time at the Zoo, if you have a chance to spend a few hours there its a great place to visit.

Until next time..


{Photos all Just A Blonde in Buffalo Photos}


"Winter Has Never Been So Cool"

12654688_10153953708092372_1777548345830783869_n[1] Don't miss this fun event taking place tomorrow night at the Buffalo Convention Center. Proceeds from the event go directly to support the Buffalo Zoo. Come have some cocktails, try and win some awesome auction items and grab some finger foods before heading to the dance floor and catching the indoor snow fall!

For tickets {at a discounted price while supplies last} click here.

Hey There November!


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photo}

We are on the 2nd day of November and before you know it we will be hearing the Christmas tunes on the radio {insanely early} and it will be Thanksgiving. This month my focus is mostly on moving into my new home, but with that I have been following some local home décor/furniture shops that I am looking forward to checking out. Below are the few businesses I've been following, along with some other exciting things taking place around town this month that I hope I can try to attend.


Fun events taking place this month:


{Women & Children's Hospital photo}

  • A fun event taking place at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott for the little girls on November 8th


{Buffalo Zoo photo}

  • Alex and Ani on Main St. in Williamsville is hosting an event on Monday Nov. 9th to benefit the Buffalo Zoo.


  • Providence Social Happy Hour with the Buffalo Zoo - Thursday, Nov. 19th {more info to come on this}
  • Small Business Saturday - shop and support local on November 28th



Friday Favorites


{Being able to see the elephants outside at the zoo again makes me happy!}


{Visiting with Gretchen at Makers Buffalo - check out my post on her next week}


{Luna is a big hit and seems to love her new exhibit at the zoo}

make a wish radiothon

{I spent my morning volunteering at the Make a Wish and 97 Rock Radiothon}

Friday Favorites!

water bikes

On the summer bucket list was the water bikes down at Canalside. What a fun experience it was!


A day off spent with my niece - flower picking at Nokomis Park in Cheektowaga made for a fun and hot afternoon

buffalo zoo

The Buffalo Zoo - Arctic Edge opens tomorrow to the public and I think its going to be a big hit with "Buffalonians"

arctic edge

go bills

The home opener is Sunday and I LOVE LOVE my Buffalo Bills sneakers that were created by Leah Hall from Halls of Art.


There are a lot of fun things to do this weekend including the Home Opener at the Ralph on Sunday, but Saturday hosts a handful of popular events taking place throughout town. Music is Art at Delaware Park - a free event taking place all day long!


{Photo from}

We have been waiting for this for a long time - Arctic Edge is open to the public starting Saturday at the Buffalo Zoo.


{Photo from}

Enjoy movies on the grain elevators at Silo City for the Urban Drive In. For more info click here.


{Photo from}


To me Labor Day weekend is one last time to spend time with the family and friends barbecuing and enjoying those last few days of the summer. Here are a couple things going on this weekend that you most likely already know about, but may want to check out their links before heading to the event. zoo bucks

These Zoo Bucks will come in handy if you're headed to the Buffalo Zoo on Labor Day. they are $5 for a pack of 6 and can be used on almost anything in the Zoo

chicken wing prep

Tents are up and chicken wings are in full prep for the Chicken Wing Festival this coming weekend. Its going to be a hot not only in the temperature department, but all around the ballpark


Looking for something relaxing to do, check out the Succulents event kicking off on Saturday and running through Oct. 4 at the Botanical Gardens

My Friday Favorites!

This week has been more stressful then I would have liked, but I'm looking forward to this weekend with my friends drinking some wine and white water rafting. I can't believe we are entering the last week of July, this summer is flying by! Enjoy it! -B

channel 2

{A trip to Channel 2 to promote Turn the Park Pink next week at the ballpark, I like those 2 pillows}


{Behind the scenes}


{A little golf on a Monday}


{I'm looking forward to some laughs this weekend with some great friends}

wines in the wild 2015

{My parents are the best - sending me pictures at Wines in the Wild this past Wednesday, I should work at a Zoo}


erie county beer This Thursday the Erie County Fair is toasting to the Fair Beer at Flying Bison Brewery. The fun begins at 4:30pm.

WIW 2015 poster

One of my FAVORITE events of the summer is tomorrow at the Buffalo Zoo {Wines in the Wild}. Sip on wine, sample food, play some games and see some animals making it one great event!


The North Buffalo Farmers Market is going {Pink} on Thursday to help kick off the Buffalo Bisons Turn the Park Pink event on Saturday, Aug. 1. Come by and shop local!


I'm looking forward to a fun girls weekend white water rafting and sipping on some wine. See my post rafting post next week! {Whitewater Challengers}

Friday Favorites!


{Sipping on a margarita and enjoying people watching at Cantina Loco}


{My fortune from PF Changs}

I ran into a lot of positive messages this week while I was out and about.  I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are a few places that made me smile this week.


sunshine and birds

{Sunshine and Birds at the Walden Galleria Mall}

shirt - ooo la la

{I love this shirt from Ooo La La Boutique, on the back is a big anchor}

buffalo zoo

{The Polar Bear exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo, I can't wait for the Artic Edge exhibit to open in the Fall}

Friday Favorites!


{Breakfast at Break N' Eggs Creperie on Main St. in Williamsville}

Like most people in town, I am over this weather, never one to not, not like winter, but this cold weather has been very un-motivating for me to want to go out and do things, so I'm looking forward to changing that around and warming up at the Botanical Gardens this weekend. Its the last weekend for Lumagination! Whatever it is that you have planned I hope you stay warm and have fun!


get fried

{Lunch at #GetFried this past week. #delish}


{The very first wedding I helped with was held at this Church, St. Louis RC Church on Main St.}

wine glassees polar bites

{Another successful Buffalo Zoo event last night! Cheers to #PolarBites2015}

February To-Do

february[1] We are in the second month of the year and not to get to boring, but the beginning of 2015 hasn't gone exactly as I wanted {yes, I know that's how life goes}. While I focused so much on what I didn't do and what didn't go right for me, I need to think of what did. I met some amazing people and did some pretty cool things. I, {like I think most people are}, am my worst critic, I focus on always improving myself and the things that I didn't do, that I don't take the time to enjoy what I've accomplished.

February is about getting back to me - focusing on my goals and enjoying the things I do for me and not being so hard on myself {or at least trying to - this isn't going to be an overnight switch-a-roo}. So today I'm kicking it off by heading to Holiday Valley for the day. I took the day off and am looking forward to a day of Ellicottville fun with Annette.

A  couple other things  I have on the calendar that I'm looking forward to this month are trying some new fitness classes out {Barre at Catalyst, Pound at BikeorBar, incorporating a little yoga in my life - if you know of a good studio to go to let me know! and learning more TRX at Revolution Buffalo}, a Makers Buffalo Class is always fun!, a Niagara Wine Trail wine tour for a friend's birthday, the Polar Bites event benefiting the Buffalo Zoo and planning the finishing touches for my 30th birthday party next month. Who knows what else will come up, but sometimes its those "unplanned" adventures that make the best memories.

What are some fun things you are looking forward to this month. Leave them in the comments section below and I'll pick a random person to win a gift card to 716!





b510e340-2c49-40ae-bb6d-9c8ec3a303e5[1] Tonight B Team Buffalo is hosting a City of Light Fundraiser and Toy Drive at Fat Bob's from 5:30-8:30pm. Help out a great cause.


Are you a fan of Jim Henson? Or do you want to just do something different. Stop by HandleBar tonight or next Wednesday and enjoy food, drinks and movies! For more info go here

Electronic-Recycling[1] Have any old electronics sitting around and collecting dust? Stop by the Buffalo Zoo this Saturday from 8am-1pm to turn them in and receive $1 off Zoo Admission that day.


My niece and I are so excited to attend Bubblefest this year. Bubbles upon bubbles will be filling the Buffalo Science Museum all day Saturday. Limited tickets will be available for purchase at the door. For more info on the event click here.


An event that I'm thinking about attending Pints and Pierogi's is taking place from 4-8pm at Marcy Casino on Saturday, $20 at the door.


Friday Favorites!

Happy Halloween!! This week has reminded me that you can never plan to far ahead because you never know what is going to happen. For me, being a planner, that is a struggle I deal with more often than not, but I'm learning to accept things for the way they are. I hope everyone has a great Halloween and a fabulous weekend! -B


{Check out the specials going on at Dog E Style today}


{Kali walking around the exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo last weekend}


{My Halloween costume from a few years ago}


{Hall-O-Wine group photo from a couple years back, I went as a nerd. Cheap and easy costume!}


{Part of my costume for Cocktails in Character last night}


{Safe and Seen set-up last weekend at ECC North Campus}