Impact Cycle

Smoothies and Spin, what could be better...

Smoothies and Spin, what could be better...

Motivation, Strength, Courage - these are just three things IMPACT Next Level does for anyone who steps foot inside their doors. IMPACT is located inside the HarborCenter in downtown Buffalo. While they have been around for a few years, whats new to the streets is their IMPACT Cycle and IMPACT Yoga classes that began last month. :) 


Thanks to my very good friend, Kelsey I was able to take a cycle class with Jason Jerome last night. If you know Jason you know how passionate, dedicated and encouraging he is and his ability to push you to do your absolute best goes above and beyond anyone's expectations.

The cycle class was fun, encouraging and challenging {in a good way}. So for all my fitness friends and/or friends that work in the downtown area, if you're looking to check out a new place or change up your workout, pay a visit to IMPACT. 


If you are taking a class note the cycle and yoga studios are located right next door to the Healthy Scratch {perfect for a post work out smoothie or meal ;)}. To see snippets of my class from last night check out my insta-story on Instagram at @bybuffalob. 

IMPACT also offers more than just cycle and yoga classes. To learn more check out for class schedules, pricing and more. 


Happy Dyngus Day!!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful and what better way to celebrate a Monday - than to drink some Tyskie and Zywiec beer and listen to polka music in the historic Polonia district in Buffalo, where Paderewski Drive will be bustling with people later today. It's been a couple years since I've celebrated this day, but I'm looking forward to showing some of my co-workers what Dyngus Day is about and meeting up with some of my friends that I haven't seen in a while. For more info on maps, places to go, etc. check out for all the info.




A Hidden Gem in the Heart of the West Side Neighborhood: Tipico Coffee

Calling all Coffee Lovers! Have you been to one of the newest places on Buffalo’s West Side? Tipico Coffee opened a few short months ago and it is A-Mazing!!! jesse tipico

I was lucky enough to sit down with the owner Jesse Crouse and talk about how he got started and what made him open a coffee shop in the heart of the west side neighborhood.

FullSizeRender (8)

From coffee to lattes to tea and more, Tipico rotates their coffee on a regular basis and on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays they have pastries from local vendors such as Breadhive and Butter Block, they also have an ever so tasty and popular avocado toast! Jesse started his passion for coffee while he was studying poetry in Chicago. Down the street from him was Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, a high end specialty coffee shop that drew him in and over the last 5+ years he has worked with coffee farms studying the supply aspect of the business.

After having children, Jesse and his wife Kristen {originally from Western New York} were trying to find an affordable place to open a business and decided to move to the area, after being on the west coast for a while. "Buffalo felt right" The couple along with Jesse's in-laws wanted to help influence and shape the community they are living in. Their love for making food and the idea of homesteading offers a unique gift to customers as well. Bringing in 80-90% of their produce and milk from New York State their menu may be small, but is nice and compliments the drinks they serve. Jesse's goal is to offer a revolving menu once the spring time comes and host more casual gatherings and events throughout the year.

Having the largest masonry stove, an iced coffee window that will be offered in the warmer weather months, being one of the first walking destination businesses in the middle of the West Side's residential neighborhood, hosting brunches from time to time {the list goes on}; if you think you're going to walk into the same old coffee shop, you're wrong - Tipico is not your average café, its more than that. It's a place where you go and the staff remembers your name, says thank you for stopping by and see ya soon when you leave. During my interview with Jesse he said hello and goodbye to every person that walked in and out of the door. That is what a small business owner in my opinion is. They know their customers, care about them and want to build a relationship with them.

FullSizeRender (6)

Starting on a shoe string budget, Jesse thought of doing a pop up shop, but just so happened to stumble upon his current location through his landlord. Everything was built out and the only thing he had to focus on was the equipment, putting a menu together and finding employees. It took 2 months to open and it wasn’t an easy process, but when you have passion for something you care about so much, it helps get you through. When I asked Jesse what he loves about the area, he said he loves the community. The warm welcoming he receives from the customers and community is what he and his staff give back to the area. The West Side of Buffalo is turning into the walking side of the community and having it be a walking destination gets people who may not be familiar with the area, out and about, seeing all the great things taking shape.

Tipico is really in the heart of the west side of Buffalo - the "hidden gem" in the neighborhood. To me, seeing a business like this in an area that is developing is really exciting. As someone who enjoys going to new places, it's nice to meet local business owners who have a passion and believe in the area they work in. To see them excited, makes you get excited to see the growth of the community. If you enjoy coffee you should definitely make a stop to Tipico. And if you aren't a coffee lover you don't have to worry, Tipico also carries a wide variety of teas for tea lovers. It really is a one-of-a kind café in the area.


tipico latte

{Latte- YUM!}


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

A Nice Way to Watch A Film

IMG_7758 {Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}


Did you know that when Shea's opened in 1926 it was actually built to show silent films?!?  Sunday my Mom and I attended the silent film Sherlock Holmes there. When I first got the tickets I thought it was a play, but then my Mom was quick to point out that it was a silent film {note to myself to read better} no words just a pianist playing scores throughout the films 90 minutes. I was a little skeptical, I'm not going to lie. I was thinking I would want to leave halfway through the film, but it was actually amazing! It was like I experienced something from back in time - a black and white film with no words, just music. It was a nice change of scenery and something different. I highly recommend attending a short film at Shea's if you ever can. It makes for a nice indoor activity to do when the weather isn't so nice out outside.


{A brief welcome and introduction before the film started}

Oh and the best part - it was free! A free film in a beautiful building that celebrated their 90th anniversary this weekend. That's pretty cool Buffalo. Oh and for those who like popcorn and candy to munch on when watching a movie - Shea's had their concession stands open, selling sweet treats {the popcorn and twizzlers cost $8 - that's cheaper than a movie ticket now a days}. Just putting things in perspective, its nice to have a beautiful venue like this offer nice {casual} events like this.


For a calendar of events taking place at Shea's click here


Burgers and Beer at A.B.V.

abv menu

{I loved the neat salt and pepper shakers on the table and the custom beer glasses}

A couple weekends ago, Shanna was in town and we wanted to go some where "Buffalo" {this is a harder decision to make with all the new restaurants, bars and breweries opening now and I love it!}. We decided on Allen Burger Venture on Allen St. Let me tell you it was pretty cool! All sorts of people came into the place during the couple hours we were there.. young and old, hipsters and not.

It is a small place and if you're at a table near the bar it does get a little crowded, but the girls night out catch up date we planned was great, the hamburgers were yummy {and huge!} and there was a large beer selection to choose from and it was served cold which is always a positive.

I give this place two thumbs up and if you haven't been or have people visiting from out of town its definitely a spot to hit up.

Until next time..


abv burger

{I ordered a regular burger #4 and Shanna got the Turkey burger}

abv table

abv bar

{Just one half of the beer menu above the bar}

abv wall

{Wall Art - definitely fits the vibe of Allentown}

abv shanna

{My girl Shae Shae enjoying her beer! }


{Until my next visit #Cheers}

YOU Are Beautiful

you are beautiful You are beautiful. That was the theme this past Saturday at HEAL BFLO’s event. {H.E.A.L standing for - Health, Energy, Art and Love}. The yoga retreat and wellness event was much different than other health and wellness events that take place. It was more intimate – offering an all-day yoga retreat for those who wanted to participate and on the other side a vendor based event open to the public featuring local boutiques and businesses.


heal bflo

While I didn’t attend the yoga retreat {looking back I wish I did}, when I walked into the Foundry you immediately felt a calmness and community bond at the event. Over 30 vendors participated and the venue was packed with positive energy.


mod nos

To learn more about HEAL BFLO and the ladies behind the event click here and here.


vendor 1



Monday's are for Pretty Manicures with So Gloss Nail Wraps!

10440138_877321372287335_854823631699779485_n[1] This week I'm kicking off a week long feature of local beauty businesses in WNY. Each day I'm featuring a woman who pursued her dreams in the beauty industry and is helping make women in the WNY area feel beautiful inside and out!

Today I'm starting my week long feature with Jesse from So-Gloss Nail Wraps. I LOVE nail polish, but I, like most women are to busy to find the time to sit and wait for their nails to dry. I also can't stand when I paint my nails and an hour later I find I chipped the nail polish off already. That's where So-Gloss nail wraps come in - they are so convenient for a person who is on the go.

Want to know why - check out my interview with Jesse below!


How did it all get started? How did your brand come about?

I lost my dream job as a fashion buyer & merchandiser 6 years ago due to a company wide down sizing. Unfortunately, there are not many fashion buying & merchandising jobs in Buffalo, so it forced me to think outside the box and provide myself with a job. I was selling nail wraps for 4 years before I got "discovered". One day my phone started going nuts with the cha-ching noise my phone makes when I get an order. Refinery29 had featured So Gloss on their landing page, twitter feed & facebook page. I got a years worth of orders in ONE DAY!!! The orders have been rolling in ever since!

What is So-Gloss? Is it affordable for everyone? Who is your target audience?

So Gloss Nail Wraps are heat activated and applied directly on to your nail, you get instant results. Just heat, stick & file your way to awesome nails. The nail wraps are made of vinyl, so they don't chip or smudge like nail polish {even better!}. So Gloss Nail Wraps are $8 for 24 wraps, they last 4-14 days on your finger nails and 2 MONTHS on your toes! My target consumer is girls ages 2-40.


If people want to learn more, where can they go to get information?

Do you have general products that anyone can purchase, do you make customizable products?

I wish I could customize products but at this point I don't have the machine to do it.

Has anyone ever done private parties with a bunch of their girlfriends? 

I used to do parties but with 2 kids and a booming internet business I just don't have the time.

Do you offer any specials, promotions? Or would you like to share any fun events you have coming up?

I sell on daily deal sites like, & and I have a buy 4 get the 5th free deal!

How did you land in Buffalo? Are you originally from here, what made you stay? What do you love best about this area?

I have lived in Buffalo all my life. My husband and I have a farm in Clarence with horses & chickens. There aren't many places in this world where you can live in the "country" and yet have major shopping centers just a few miles away.

IMG_8316 (3)

To find Jesse's products Like her page on Facebook and check her page out on Etsy! Thank you for letting me share your story!  gold-chevron{Photos all courtesy of Jesse @ So Gloss Nail Wraps}

Thursday :: Tone : Tighten : Tuck at Barre Centric

IMG_2289 Continuing with my favorite fitness places in Western New York, today I'm highlighting a place I featured a few months back, Barre Centric. Offering two locations, one in Clarence and one in Buffalo, Rachael and her team offer a wide array of classes to help strengthen, tone and tighten your physique, all while making it enjoyable! Their studios are very clean and time flies when you take a class. If you haven't taken a Barre class, Barre Centric is the place to go. Check them out!




Tuesday Toughness!

trying-inspirational-quotes[1] Today's fitness center I'm featuring is a pretty popular one. Catalyst Fitness has 4 locations located throughout Western New York and offers more than just group fitness classes. They have cardio areas, weight training, juice bars, personal training, a child center for children to hang out in while you work out and much more. I've been a member at Catalyst for a number of years and outside of being clean, I love that the staff is personable and friendly.

While I would only take a group class here and there, now I find myself wanting to take more and the one and only reason being, Morgan is the Group Fitness Director. Yes, I may be showing a little {or a lot} of favoritism, but she is one of the best. I know I will get a good workout and I won't get bored with it. It helps that she has a great outlook on life and it rubs off on you when you take anyone of her classes too.

For more info on Catalyst check out their website and see what they have to offer! And make sure to follow Morgan on Instagram! and Sweat Buffalo!


Friday Favorites!

Well the first full week of January in WNY has been a very cold one! But that shouldn't come as a surprise to Western New Yorkers. While we move to the weekend I hope everyone enjoys whatever it is they may have planned. Here are a few things that made me smile this past week. -B


{Its just a simple piece of mail, but the way its addressed is what makes it special to me}


{Bringing life back to the Broadway Market during the winter months. I'm hoping to stop by this event next weekend}


{I was finally mentioned in one of my favorite blogs by one of my favorite people. Check it out Forty74}


{Nothing beats reading books on a rainy Saturday and a lit candle by Linwood Candle Co.}


{Reading Business First this week and I love this picture I came across. Main St. in Buffalo during its hayday}

Saying Goodbye to 2014 and Hello to 2015

It's the end of the year and like a lot of people we all take time to look back and reflect on this past year. I feel like I tend to do this more often throughout the year, not just at the end of December. 2014 was a year of growth for me... building relationships, facing fears and living outside "my shell." I learned to snowboard, ran my first half marathon, climbed ropes and cables in trees and expanded my courage more than I thought I ever would. 2014 wasn't all great things though, I experienced hardships with the loss of loved ones, felt defeated at times and just wanted to give up. I guess one of the good things about reflecting back on your year is that even if you think you haven't grown or made improvements somewhere in your life, you do, sometimes you just may not see it.

While I'm happy with what 2014 brought me, I look forward to what 2015 holds not only for me, but for Buffalo as well. I'm not one to make resolutions, but I do constantly make goals for myself throughout the year and am looking forward to challenging myself to be a "better me."

Thank you for your continued support of Just a Blonde in Buffalo this past year. Until next time!



Here are some photos of mine throughout the year:

cranes dt bflo jan 14

{The cranes down by Harbor Center January 2014}


{My snowboarding adventure in February at Holiday Valley}

bday 2

{My 29th birthday at Paint on Tap with some of the best friends I could ask for}


{A visit to the Hamburg Brewing Company and interview with Jeff at Resurgence Brewery were just a couple highlights from April}

mod nos

{My first rock concert, a makers class and much more kicked off the month of May}

photo 5 (3)

{June was a great month full of living life and completing my first half marathon}

photo 1 (2)

{July was about some of the biggest events I've done so far in my career}


{August was a month I will remember for a long time. Receiving a 30 under 30 award was one of the biggest highlights from 2014}

sky high 1

{September I faced another fear of mine.. heights and among the ropes course we kicked off the football season, visited restaurants and enjoyed the almost fall season}


{October was a trip to Disney, an introduction to new non-profit organizations, turning the falls pink with my Mom and picking pumpkins}


{November was a month of unexpected snow, a new addition to our family and prepping for the holidays}

find the silver lining

{December was about enjoying friends and family during the craziest of times. It brought with it events, craft classes, a trip to NYC and much more!}

{Women Who Move the City} Lisa, Gridlock Lacquer

Today I'm featuring a woman who I have followed since she opened her business in 2013. Lisa from Gridlock Lacquer began mixing, combining and creating nail polish with a little Buffalo love and since her business began she has only expanded and is doing bigger and better things. Check out my interview with Lisa below. -B

How did Gridlock Lacquer get started?

It was started when I started noticing how major nail polish and cosmetic labels were re-branding the way products were sold. Instead of "sunset pink" or "mauve" nail polish, the major brands starting naming their polishes things like "I'm Not Really a Waitress" or "Topless & Barefoot" or "It's Raining Men". Women started to buy the products almost as much for the name as they were for the color. I thought it would be fun to bring that idea to a local level and create a collection based on things, events and history of Buffalo.

What is the thing you enjoy the most about owning your own business?

I own the successes and I own the mistakes. If the product is poor, that's  on me but if it's great then I know I'm doing something right. It also allows for dreaming much more than a traditional career. I'm only limited by myself and the only people I report to are my customers.

What is one thing you want people to know about you and Gridlock Lacquer, that they may not know?

Gridlock Lacquer is hand mixed! This means hours and hours have been spent blending colors, dropping mixing balls, filling bottles, adding brushes, twisting caps and labeling. It's a labor of love and very time intensive. I love that this is a hand mixed product and that it is made in Buffalo. It's my own tiny contribution to the re-shoring of American manufacturing haha j/k.

Where can they find your product?

-Online at

-At the Broadway Market on Saturdays from now through Easter

-At a bunch of retail stores in Buffalo, Rochester and Cleveland. The list can be found on the website if you're looking for something in your area. {Click here for the list}

Do you host private parties for those who want to make their own nail polish?

YES and it's so fun! I've only done a couple but people have had a blast and come up with some really creative colors! Eventually I hope to get to a place where I have a location that allows me to host the events myself and then people can just sign up when they'd like to participate instead of needing to assemble a group.

What is one thing you love about Buffalo?

Just one? Buffalo is such an underdog story. Everyone loves to root for the underdog and watch it come out on top.

Any other info you’d like to provide? Upcoming events you’ll be at? Promotions you are doing, etc?

Keep an eye out for coupon codes on social media!

Follow on FB, Instagram {@GridlockLacquer}, Twitter {@GridlockLacquer} . They've got all the updates on location, events, sales and new products. All are listed as: gridlocklacquer

I'll be at the Broadway Market on Saturdays, extra days around Christmas and 2 full weeks before Easter with a fresh set of Spring colors. The market is super fun and a really important piece of Buffalo's history, so stop by!

I stopped by the Broadway Market on Saturday and picked up a bunch of gifts for the holidays, the nail polish makes great stocking stuffers!. Check out some of my photos below. Thank you Lisa for believing in Buffalo and helping keep Buffalo moving forward, in a stylish way!

gridlock 1

gridlock 2

I love the names!

gridlock 3

Other accessories to go with the nail polish, nail decals, soaps, nail polish remover


Queen City Market

Tis the season to shop! Being that I'm a big #ShopLocal gal I decided to head to Karpeles Manuscript Library on Saturday to get a chunk of my Christmas shopping done at the Queen City Market event. First things first, what an awesome venue this event was held in, the architecture is beautiful! Second, so many local vendors were on hand, some that I never even heard of before {that made for great networking opportunities} and they offered unique finds. This event had variety, something that you don't always find at some events. It was nice to walk around and not see the same thing on each table. Another great thing on my list, it was affordable! Some of the items I purchased at this event I would have paid double at if I went to a large retail store.

I know that if the event is held next year, I would definitely go back. There are to many reasons on my list not too. To see a list of who was there click here. Below are pictures of some of my favorite vendor tables and shots of the venue.


queen city market

queen city market 2queen city market 4queen city market 1queen city market 3

Friday Favorites!

This week has been a challenging one for me mentally. I like to see progress in everything I do and when nothing changes over a period of time you have to walk away from it, even if its something you don't want to do. Being the bigger person in some situations isn't always the best thing, but its the right thing. I'm hoping a weekend with family, Christmas shopping and football will relieve some of my stress. In the meantime here are a few photos that made me smile this past week.Enjoy! -B


{Deck the Halls this past weekend}

main st beth photo

{A classic car and white Buffalo on Main St. in Buffalo}

ellicott sq beth photo

{The Ellicott Square Building is beautiful without any decorations, so having this tree set-up makes for a stunning display}

bisons beth photo

{Anyone up for some "snow" ball. A snowy Coca-Cola Field}



Snowvember - Buffalo for Real!

With all the snow that has fallen over Western New York in the past 24 hours, I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from people {including myself} that posted on social media what's going on in their neck of the woods. The weather has been the talk of the town, making National headlines and while some up North have only seen a couple inches, this storm has cost the lives of a handful of people. It's important for everyone to remember to stay inside and let the emergency personnel and first responders do their jobs. In times like these I'm even more happy and proud to say I live in Buffalo - "A city of good neighbors," always coming through and helping each other in times of need and showing each other some #Buffalove. Stay safe and warm!



{Tuesday Nov. 18 - Picture taken via news station showing the Lake Effect Snow band between Downtown and the Southtowns}


{Tuesday evening - photo taken by news station showing the NYS Thruway}


{My friend Tara enjoying a glass of wine outside her home Tuesday evening}


{Airplane view}


{Outside my house on Wednesday morning}


{The sun shining and the snow taking a break Wednesday late morning}


{Photo via Buffalo Bills - Snow on the field and in the stands at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Wednesday}

{People and Places Who Move Buffalo} Dog E Style Restaurant

FullSizeRender I'm excited to share my experience with you on the new hot dog restaurant that opened in Downtown Buffalo last month, Dog E Style.  Offering one of a kind hot dogs, Dog E Style, not only offers great food, but has a fully stocked bar and is located in a unique space downtown. Read more of my interview with Thomas Cowen below and see why they are moving Buffalo forward.

How did the concept of Dog E Style begin? 
Rocco Termini came up with the idea and is working on "building a neighborhood" in the heart of the City of Buffalo. Where did the idea and name come from? 
The idea came to us because everyone loves hot dogs! We also added a nice craft beer selection and a restaurant that can offer a full bar with liquor and wine. The name was meant to stick, so people would remember us. Once you stop in to see us you will realize the time and effort we put in to create "not your typical hot dog restaurant." How did you decide on the space for the restaurant?
We kicked around the idea of using old shipping containers so we contacted the manufacturer that makes the containers, bought the materials and put them together on sight, along with steal beams to make it weather and climate proof. What would you say makes you stand out from your competition, other hot dog/fast food places?
We are not your average hot dog stand. We are a Hot Dog restaurant that serves not your everyday hot dog, we serve all different kinds. Special made wieners, sausage, cheeseburgers & a few vegetarian options.
A few items we serve are:
BANH MI DOG     - Chinese sausage, Saigon style, house made  Jalapenos & Saigon veggies
GREEK DOG        - Lamb dog, tzatziki, olives, pepperoncini, feta
CHICAGO DOG   - True Chicago style Dog - poppy seed bun, neon relish, sport peppers, tomatoes, mustard, onion, celery salt & pickle
House made Cheeseburger
House Made Fries
Portabella Sandwich with a fried egg
NO DOG - slow roasted caramelized carrot, spicy mayo, vegetarian chili What would you like customers to get out of their experience when visiting Dog E Style? 
Different. Affordable. Casual. Relaxed  Why did you choose downtown Buffalo and not a suburb? 
Downtown Buffalo is on the Up & Up. If you haven't been downtown in a while you are missing out on a city that is coming back to life. We want to show people that it is ok to start investing in this city again. There are so many things happening all over, whether its the Waterfront, revitalizing the Chippewa/ Entertainment District or the Medical Corridor, you see cranes and hardhats everywhere. Delaware North, IBM, Roswell, Terry Pegula, they are all showing that now is the time to get in the city!   What about Buffalo do you love the most? 
The People! Is there any other information or specials you feature that you'd like the general public to know about? 
We are always running special dogs! Our website will be up and running soon, but in the meantime stay up to date with us on are social media pages. Does Dog E Style feature catering or will they in the near future?
Yes, we offer drop-off catering for your office for lunch, dinner or even if you want to pick it up for any special event you can.
128 Genesee St
Buffalo, NY 14203
Me and the guys from work thought the food was awesome, the space was great and it is on our list of places to visit again and again {especially for lunch}. Thank you Tessa and Tom for helping me share more information on Dog E Style. And a special thank you to Mr. Termini for continuing to move Buffalo forward.
Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, Check them out on Instagram
{ The lunch crowd that began to form once we placed our order }
{ Offering a fully stocked bar - craft beer, wine and liquor }
{ I love the chalk board menu }
{ Italian sausage with onions and peppers and French fries }


{Women Who Move Buffalo} Rachael Hughes from Barre Centric


{Rachael Hughes, Co-Owner Barre Centric. Photo taken at Buffalo Location 1526 Main St. Buffalo}

I'm so excited to feature Rachael Hughes co-owner of Barre Centric on my blog today. Barre Centric all got started when friends, Rachael and co-owner Gia went looking for a place that offered a unique fitness regime that offered people the opportunity to strengthen, tone and plié.

Rachael and Gia opened their first Barre fitness studio location in Clarence, NY in 2012. Her and Gia were back at it in 2014 opening their second Barre fitness studio in downtown Buffalo. Let me tell you, the studio is amazing! When looking for their second location Rachael and Gia knew they wanted a renovated building. Not only is the Buffalo location fresh, fun and new, it brings a whole new light to Main St. downtown.

Rachael says the best thing about having your own business is, "meeting different clients and helping them reach their own fitness goals." Everyone comes in and takes classes for different reasons and its fun to help each one of my clients meet their goals. For those who are taking a Barre class for the first time, the best advice Rachael gives, is to not be intimated and be patient, it takes at least 5-6 classes to pick up on the techniques.

What makes Barre Centric stand out from other Barre classes and fitness centers? Barre Centric always offer specials and promotions throughout the year. From student discounts, Bridal specials and New Mom specials to a Suns Out, Buns Out, 10 week program that starts before the summer season, there's specials for everyone. The best part is, Barre Centric is independently, locally owned and operated, meaning all the money stays in the local community.

When I asked Rachael what she loves most about Buffalo she said "everything from the food to the people is what I love most."

After my interview with Rachael, I stayed to take my first "official" Barre class at Barre Centric and from someone who works out regularly, it was different, in a good way. It was challenging and fun and went by fast. The class was about an hour long, but didn't feel like an hour because you were constantly doing different exercises. I highly recommend taking a class. Rachael is an awesome fitness instructor and amazing business owner who moves Buffalo forward!

In the beginning of the interview, Rachael shared a quote with me that stuck with her when she began her Barre Centric journey and it stuck with me. It is "what you seek, is seeking you." Sometimes the things we are looking for are actually looking for us. Don't ever give up. Thank you Rachael for sharing that with me and for taking the time out to let me share your story.

For more on Barre Centric's classes click here and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Make sure to also keep an eye out for Ashker's Juice Bar opening next door to Barre Centric soon!



 {Buffalo location, class schedule}


{The studio}


{I love the quotes throughout the studio}




"The Happiest Place on Earth"


{ My Alex and Ani collection of bracelets and Disney Magic Band in front of Epcot }

Walt Disney created Disney World on a dream and imagination and what an imagination he had! It has been a few years since I was on vacation for longer than a "long weekend." About a week ago me and a few friends decided back in April that we wanted to go to the happiest place on earth, Disney World. While this post really doesn't have a lot to do with Buffalo, it does have a lot to do with how my blog was started. I love to travel, love it! But I always loved coming home because even though I've seen amazing sights and had great experiences there is no place like Buffalo, my hometown.

It has been over 10 years since I was at Disney World and while some things have stayed the same, it was different. Going to Disney as an adult you have a different perception than children. It amazes me to see people from all over the world come together and feel like a kid, even if it was just for a few minutes. Walking through the parks I often thought where were people from and was there a special occasion as to why they were there, what was their story!

My vacation was a magical one. It brought out the "kid" in me, made me appreciate the life I have even more and the opportunities that I've been given. Seeing other Western New York Natives and Buffalo Bills fans at the parks made it feel like a little piece of home was in Florida too.

For those who only think Buffalo is known for the cold weather and for those who think there hometown doesn't offer anything, think again. Take time to travel to other places, see different cultures and see where Buffalo falls into your life. While Disney World is one of the happiest places on earth and while part of me wanted to stay there, coming home to Buffalo is the happiest of all places for me.


Below are just a handful of pictures I took while on vacation.