Women Who Move Buffalo - Finishing Touches by Caitlin Krumm

{photo on Finishing Touches by Caitlin Krumm facebook page}

It was about a year and a half ago when I met Caitlin Krumm {now Mrs. Ring}, I met Caitlin through a mutual friend and helped organize her wedding, it was at that time that I was introduced to Caitlin's talent of art, but what I didn't know was that she has been an artist for a while. Back in 2007 she began creating pieces for fun, but always had a passion for it and in college took every art class she could.

She participated in the Elmwood Arts Festival for a number of years and built a customer base, she then began her Trendy Buffalo prints {I love them!} that started off as 4 originals and now she has up to 24. From there she participated in solo shows in pop up locations and created pieces for her clients. Fast forward to today and Caitlin is gearing up to open Finishing Touches by Caitlin Krumm, a pop up space inside the beautiful Ellicott Square Building that provides a purpose.

The concept is pretty simple, its to get art in the public eye, including her Trendy Buffalo prints, but also provide accessory basics such as scarfs, scented candles, wine tags and home decor items to complete your look for both your outfit and your home. And everything is $45 and under so you are getting a quality item for an affordable price.

When I asked Caitlin what her favorite piece of work is and why, she mentioned her Trendy Buffalo pieces. The reason why? They are fun to create. What I admire about Caitlin is her persistence and will to not give up. When she explained to me she will put in a full days work to create multiple pieces on top of working her full time job and still having personal time, it is quite impressive. Caitlin is genuinely a beautiful person inside and out, she has a huge heart and puts a ton of her passion into everything she does.

When I asked her my classic "What do you love about Buffalo?" question, her response -  I love Buffalo because of the people and the interaction and response I receive from my work. What she hopes people get out of her new venture at Finishing Touches is exposing people to her art by having it be part art gallery, part boutique, but also provide a convenience to those who are looking for unique pieces.

Store hours will be Wednesday's 11:30-7pm Thursday's and Friday's 11:30-3:30pm and available by appointment. There is a soft opening this coming Friday {11/17} from 4-7:30 pm.

To follow along, follow Caitlin's social media pages ---> Facebook Instagram

Thank you Caitlin for sharing your talent with WNY. xo


Shop Local

muse jar 3 {Picture -MuseJar November 2015 Just a Blonde in Buffalo blog post}

As we enter the Holiday time, its one of my favorite times to shop local. While I am a big fan of shopping local during the year, I especially like this time of year - seeing the storefronts decorated differently and all the people out on the streets walking from shop to shop. I also love all the pop up shop collaborations that take place this time of year. Having a variety of businesses all under one place makes it convenient, especially as we get closer to Christmas. There are a variety that take place in the upcoming weeks and I'll be sure to feature them on my blog in the next week.

Today however is Small Business Saturday, a perfect day to hit up local businesses and see what they have to offer. Not only are there local stores on Elmwood, Hertel, Main St. in East Aurora and Williamsville, but there are also local businesses with online shops. I find Etsy.com is a great place to look if you are one who prefers to stay indoors. Whatever it is, happy shopping and supporting local businesses in your community!




Women Who Move Buffalo: Holly & Emily from Lace & Day

“Every girl is a little bit lace and a little bit day.” – Lace & Day


Emily and Holly owners of Lace & Day

{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

Last week I was lucky enough to sit down with the sister duo – Emily and Holly from Lace and Day. We chatted about the space, product, and service and why they chose to open their own business. They also shared some exciting news with me!

Read more below!


Both women have a handful of talent and experience in their field. They both have lived and traveled around the world working in typical career like jobs before opening Lace & Day. Emily previously worked in a lingerie store for a few years and Holly always knew she wanted to own her own business. So in October of 2015 that dream became a reality.

Lace & Day is about bringing high end bras and lingerie items to the Buffalo area along with offering the services to fit you properly. It is about helping make the customer feel comfortable in their own skin. Most women aren't in the right bra size and at Lace & Day they get to know you and what your daily activities are; do you work in an office all day? do you work at a gym? whatever it is that you do, they listen to their customer to help fit them properly.

When I asked if one sister focuses on a certain area of the business over another Emily said she focuses more on the buying and finances side of things and Holly focuses on the HR, operations and marketing side of things. At the end of the day, they both work together on strategy and as a team make the decisions together.


So how did Lace & Day end up in Allentown  you ask? When Holly and Emily were looking for their space they knew they wanted to be downtown and knew Lace & Day was going to be a destination place. When they landed the building that is now home to Lace & Day, they knew it was the perfect fit. Growing up in Allentown, their business is close to their childhood home - making it a homecoming.

I asked them, what advice they would give someone who is looking to open their own business and they said you have to want to deal with the "business of the business." As a business owner you have to love what you want to do. Owning a business is not easy, you need to have a business plan and you must be organized. They also mentioned you spend a good portion of your time running the business, its not about one particular piece of the puzzle, but the whole puzzle you need to focus on. And you should surround yourself with the right team.  Emily and Holly are exceptional women and so are the staff and vendors they work with.


During our conversation I asked them of any exciting things taking place and they certainly did have some exciting news! On Thursday, they are headed to Paris to celebrate one of their vendors 70th Anniversary's in the business. Along with that, they will be going to some amazing, one of a kind shows, learning about new lines and products to bring back to Buffalo. They will also be paying a visit to the headquarters of one of their product lines in Breast, France. You can stay up to date on the new and exciting things they will be learning through their Instagram and Facebook accounts!


Lace and Day has only been open for 3 1/2 months and these women feel the love from the community. When I asked them what they love best about this area, they couldn't say enough great things about their family and their customers. They also couldn't say enough about the Allentown community. Café 59, Franklin Salon, Fat Bob's, Buffalo Proper, the list goes on. The community has made them feel warm and welcoming and they feel the love. They have great neighbors and a great neighborhood and they want their customers to capture that when they pay a visit to them.

When I arrived to Lace and day, Holly gave me a tour of the store. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and beautiful. It's classy and simple. The downstairs is filled with sleepwear, panties and men's boxer briefs from Saxx. Upstairs is the Tree House room - a room where men and women can relax and drink a beer, read a magazine and just hang out, while your friend or loved one are getting fitted. Its a room that is their to make you feel comfortable while you wait. Down the hall from the Treehouse Room are the spacious fitting rooms, where the fittings takes place.


Emily and Holly are truly amazing women who have brought not only product like no other, but service and experience to an area that was lacking a upscale lingerie and bra fitting store to Western New York. As a customer you will walk out feeling more support, more beautiful and more confident in yourself. And to me, that is a priceless gift these women leave you with.

For more information on Lace & Day, to host a private party {yes, private party!} and to follow along on their Paris trip make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Oh - and they have a parking lot behind their building! Free parking, its doesn't get any better!


Feeling the Crunch

With Christmas only a few days away some people {myself included} still have last minute shopping to do. With every free minute I have I've been trying to catch up on what feels like the longest Christmas shopping list I have. Below are a few local stores I've stopped into this past week. Not thinking I would purchase anything, sometimes the stores you don't expect to find things in, are the ones you do. A lot of stores will be staying open later this week, make sure to check out their websites and/or social media for the most current information. Happy Shopping and be kind to one another!


FullSizeRender (1)

{Sarah Danielle inside the Ellicott Square Building}

FullSizeRender (2)

{Local artist - Hometown Decals}


{Main Street in East Aurora, NY}


Strolling thru Elmwood Ave.

The Holidays are busy for everyone and this year is no different. Even though I have thought of shopping I had yet to start until last week when my friend Jen and I went for a stroll down Elmwood. I'm a big fan of supporting local and giving thoughtful and creative gifts. So below are a few of the shops we stopped into. While it was very hard for me to not stop at clothing boutiques to shop for me, it was nice to visit shops I don't go to on a regular basis. IMG_7239

First stop was The Treehouse - a store filled with tons of toys for those special children in your life.


The second stop on the walk was Fern + Arrow - a new store on Elmwood and my first time there, I was super excited because its owned by one of my favorite business owners in Buffalo. Offering some clothing and jewelry it also provides a lot of home décor and knick knacks.


Ro is another shop we stopped at, providing a lot of furniture options. If you don't see something for you, speak with the staff as a lot of the pieces are locally made and they can work with you to make exactly what you're looking for.


{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photos}

An Elmwood classic - Everything Elmwood offers an array of gifts from ornaments, clothing and other home goods making it a great place to stop and look around.

Happy Shopping!





Patricia's Back Barn

FullSizeRender (2) A cute barn with antiques, rustic and country like furniture and a super friendly staff, Patricia's Back Barn is a must visit place if you are looking for home décor or knick knacks. From country style tables to desks, chairs, lighting and more, I walked around the store with my Mom multiple times just looking at all the items they have for sale. Prices are reasonable and on some of the items even negotiable. They are open Thursday's thru Sunday's. Even if you aren't in need of any home goods, its a nice place to go if you're looking for something to do. And after you can grab brunch or tea at the White Linen Tea House across the parking lot.


FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (10)

{I love this chandelier}

FullSizeRender (8)

Just a Blonde in Buffalo's Holiday Gift Guide - Local Edition

FullSizeRender (2) With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday this week I thought it would be best to share my gift ideas for the upcoming season. These gifts come from some of my favorite shops in town. Enjoy!


For those who like to create memories try getting your loved ones together for a brunch - share stories and laughs around the table at one of these fine places.

Brunch isn't your thing? Grab your people and go on a tour of local bars in town with Buffalo Pedal Tours - this is great for any out of town guests. Hit up Canalside, Buffalo Riverworks, the list goes on. Just make sure to dress for the weather! Pedaling in the cold not your cup of tea?  Take a group of friends or family to Escape Room Buffalo and try to figure out the clues to get out of a locked room.

The brewery and local distillery scene is booming in town put together a Buffalo Drink Package - grab gift cards and/or product depending on your budget and pick up items at your local favorites:

Resurgence Brewery, Flying Bison, Community Beer Works, Big DitchNY Beer Project {just opened}, Lockhouse Distillery, Tommy Rotter Distillery, Niagara Distilling Co Hamburg Brewing Co.

Looking for a family friendly gift? How about grabbing a season pass down at Canalside. With all the activities taking place down there, there is something for everyone.

Buffalo Science Museum and Buffalo Zoo memberships are great gifts too! If a family goes to at least one or two events during the year, the membership is worth it, plus there are a lot of member events that take place throughout the year if you're a member.

Have a history person on your hands or someone who just likes learning about the place they live? Explore Buffalo offers a number of tours throughout the year - pick up a one time tour and make a day of it or become a member.

For all those who love fashion a great gift idea is making a basket filled with a variety of different boutiques flair. Anna Grace, Research and Design, Blush, Sarah Danielle and Modern Nostalgia are my top five shops. They all have something different about them. Pick up a different piece of clothing or accessory from each place to truly make a one-of-a-kind gift.

For those who love knick knacks or for those you want to send a little Buffalove too some of my favorite places to shop are Fern + Arrow, Spoiled Rotten, Patricia's Back Barn and Furnishings

For those coffee lovers out there - yes, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Dunkin are all great, but we have some cool new coffee shops that just opened. Tipico Coffee and Public espresso + coffee  are nice places to add a different twist to the gift.

For those who like to stay fit and active head to Get Air Buffalo to bounce around on the trampoline, or put together a Buffalo Fitness gift - grab a package to a local fitness studio - perfect for those who always want to try a class, but don't get around to it- Barre Centric, BikeorBar, Revolution Buffalo, and Power Yoga Buffalo are all great places to check out.

If you are more into giving back this time of year, there are a lot of organizations in the community who have toy drives and gift wish lists. The United Way of Buffalo and Erie County can help you if you don't have a specific charity close to your heart.

There are a lot more local places in Buffalo that offer great gifts that I didn't mention on this list. Whatever and wherever you decide to go this Holiday season, I hope you have an enjoyable time spreading some love to those in your life.





Women Who Move Buffalo {Once and For All - Molly Hoeltke}

FullSizeRender (2)

{Molly Hoeltke}

Have you ever met a person that you could be around for a few minutes and already feel motivated to follow your dreams because they are so passionate about theirs? That’s what happened to me when I met Molly Hoeltke from Once and For All (formerly Once Vintage).

I was lucky enough to sit down with Molly last week. Growing up she never thought of working in the Fashion Industry, but as she went through school she studied Business focusing on the Arts. As she grew in her career she learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry through the experiences she had with marketing and film industry. She started styling in films {specifically commercials} six years ago and during her time in Manhattan she met a vintage shop owner and that is when she started to fall in love with the vintage apparel.

She moved back home and through all of the unique experiences she had – she was able to put together her own business and help it grow. In 2011 Once Vintage was created – a clothing line full of repurposing and vintage. After 2 years in – in 2013 she made the transition to wholesale and started Once and For All - a limited wholesale line that can be found online and in boutiques across the United States – specifically 10 boutiques throughout the East Coast.

Molly self-taught herself in pattern making, sewing, manufacturing and selling and everything in between - she basically learned everything she needs to know to make her business work and has given herself a fashion degree while learning on her feet.

Her focus right now is on a line with soft fabrics, twills, blues, blacks and whites – like a west coast, bohemian feel. She is evolving her line into a more mature, yet retro feel with an Indie/Australia vibe with cuts being more versatile and wearable for all sizes. She finds inspiration from some of her favorite designers – Chloe, The Row, Isabel Marant, Mara Hoffman and Cali Brands.

When I asked her what she loves best about Buffalo and why she hasn’t moved out of the area she said because Buffalo is a great place to start a business. It’s an easy lifestyle {except the winter}. There is a supportive community {most of the time}, she has a supportive family and it’s inexpensive to live. She loves going out to her country house in Varysburg on the weekends and often times finds inspiration there.

You can find Molly’s line locally in Modern Nostalgia on Hertel Ave. and Anna Grace on Elmwood Ave.

Once and For All is a very definitive and inclusive name. From a woman who has deep faith, it has personal meaning to her and represents her brand and all different women. I can say from meeting Molly she represents a strong woman, who is passionate and driven all while creating an amazing clothing line and has an amazing future ahead of her. And to have this talent in Buffalo is pretty extraordinary.

Thanks Molly for letting me share your story! -B

FullSizeRender (1)

{Her Studio}


pam and crista Just a little over 4 years... that's when it all began, I joined Crista and Pam on this one of a kind adventure - called Ooo La La Boutique. Through the years we did a lot - fashion shows, events, private parties, a mobile fashion truck...through the journey we picked up some fabulous ladies - the "Ooo La La Girls" - Tia, Allie, Rachael and Kelsey and we became a family. Through the laughs and tears, disagreements and silliness we got through it and did some amazing things that most people don't ever have a chance to do.

The best part of working with Ooo La La is - the sky's the limit - if we had an idea or a dream we pursued it - no dream was ever to big, no idea was ever too "crazy." I'm so excited for Crista's journey with Cabela's, but these next few months are going to be so bitter sweet. I seem to find myself saying goodbye to those close in my life as they pursue their dreams outside of their hometown and while it's a part of life, I'm still sad and its still tough.

While this isn't a "goodbye," for the Ooo La La family, its part of the journey that leads to great things. It may stink at times, but only time will make this change less bitter and more sweet.


team ooo la la






dancing{Girls just wanna have fun - embrace life because time goes by too fast}

Support & Shop Local!

As most people know, I am a big supporter of shopping local and supporting local businesses. Today I'm featuring a few of my favorite clothing boutiques in the area. Each one offers something different to the area and this is by no means a complete list of my favorites. If you haven't been in them, now is the time to check them out with the new spring arrivals coming in! -B


Anna Grace {Elmwood Village}


Blush {Elmwood Village}

mod nos

Modern Nostalgia {Hertel Ave.}


Research and Design {N. Buffalo Rd., Orchard Park}


Ooo La La Boutique {Main St., East Aurora}



Hello, March!

68064-Hello-March[1] Hello March! Since its my birthday month I've decided that I'm going to share at least one of my favorite things about Western New York for the next 30 days. Yes, I know March has 31 days in it, but since I'm turning the "big" 3-0 in just a couple shorts weeks, I thought it would be the theme for this month.

buffalo indie weddings


So today I'm kicking off my first favorite thing - Buffalo Indie Weddings! Nope, I'm not married or engaged, but the ladies behind these fun DIY bridal parties are Ali {Made by Anatomy} and Erica {City Lights Studio}. They are creative and fun, offering a fresh take on those regular bridal shows that take place. I always love seeing what new things they come up with and more importantly I love meeting new people at their events {a majority of the vendors are local!}.



{Check out their event today at the Foundry}

Tick-Tock Let's Try To Beat That Clock

last minute holiday shopping Its Christmas Eve and before the holiday gatherings take place later today there will still be some last minute shoppers making the trip out to malls, local boutiques and grocery stores today. Their are those who haven't started at all and those who need to pick up small, here and there gifts. Whatever the case may be, below is a guide for some places that are open today to help you get those last minute gifts you still need!



  • Walden Galleria {Cheektowaga} - 8am - 5pm
  • Niagara Falls Outlet Malls {Niagara Falls, NY} - 10am - 6pm
  • McKinley Mall {Blasdell} - 8am - 5pm
  • Boulevard Mall {Amherst} - 7am - 5pm

Department Stores:

  • Target {store hours may vary by location} - 7am - 10pm
  • Kohls {store hours may vary by location} - 12am - 6pm
  • Kmart {store hours may vary by location} - 12am - 10pm

Local Clothing Boutiques and Businesses in the Elmwood Village, Hertel Ave., Main St. in Williamsville and East Aurora:

  • From what I found it looks like most stores in these areas will be open from 10am - 4pm today.


#DTH14 Review

10392347_10152910866382372_8109840006759541020_n[1] For a third year in a row, Ooo La La Boutique/Fashion Truck owner, Crista Botticello and myself set out to kick off the Holiday season in style and this year was no different. Deck the Halls Runway was held at The West Herr Buick, GMC and Cadillac Dealership in East Aurora on Saturday night. The event was filled with 7 local boutiques {Blush, Village Designs, The Dress Shop, Ragmuffinz, Aurora Outfitters, The Walk In Closet and Ooo La La Boutique} showing off their holiday fashion looks. Before the show guests were able to shop an array of local vendors {MuseJar, Celestial Designs, Total Tan, Prima Oliva, Upstairs Treasures, Tres Chic Boutique, Mary Kay, Jamberry, Medici House, Taste and Sipada}.

The show was created not only to bring local businesses together, but to raise money and awareness for local charities. This year was no different. Proceeds benefitted are friends over at Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Shelter.

Saturday showed us that this year was bigger and better and I look forward to seeing what it becomes in years to come. We have a lot of people that help us and we are forever grateful for working with them.

To see pictures from the Deck the Halls event, make sure to follow Ooo La La Boutique on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Eveyone Needs A Little Pampering

10389433_461410607329799_1501532055761891491_n[1] Shopping, discounts, mini-manis, spray tans, food and drink? What's not to love about a local clothing boutique hosting a Pamper Party and making you feel special for a couple hours! That's exactly what Michelle at Village Designs Elmwood did last week. Offering discounts on clothing and accessories and bringing together some local, talented ladies from Rodan & Fields, DiLusso Salon , AmberGLO and Ooo La La Boutique . Anyone who came to the store not only could meet these great people from local businesses, shop and help themselves to food from Nektar . What a pretty pampered event it was! Until next time..



{ The chandeliers in Village Design's are beautiful }

A Bridal Celebration with A lot of Local Talent!

BIW_Logo[1] Sunday, Buffalo Indie Weddings hosted a Bridal Celebration at Asbury Hall. Over 30 vendors, were on hand to meet with newly engaged couples to help plan their special day. I loved the décor, the selfies portrait station, Vintage Touch  and the DIY station, where you could learn a variety of craft ideas for your big day.

Ali from Made from Anatomy and Erica from City Lights Studio thought of every detail, including the Groom's Lounge where the guys could go and hang out if they chose too, to the festive signage letting everyone know where things were. It was certainly a Bridal Celebration like no one else hosts. It was fun, creative and offered a lot of local talent from the big wedding industry to customers looking for something special on their big day.

Thank you ladies for inviting me to this wonderful event.







{ Packed house, snapped this picture from the stage }


{ Of course I had to snap a "selfie" in front of the selfie portrait }

Women Who Move Buffalo {Brittany from Sarah Danielle}

Being right across the street from where I work, the first time I've ever been in the Ellicott Square building was last week Thursday. I've seen pictures of the beautifully historic building, but seeing the building in person is completely different. I paid a visit to a clothing boutique that I started to adore on social media over the last few months and wanted to learn more about the person behind Sarah Danielle. Brittany Moose who is from Leroy, NY came to Buffalo to pursue her studies in the fashion industry at Buff State. She always new she wanted to do something in the fashion industry and it was when she started taking classes that she focused her passion on visual merchandising.

Having been with Sarah Danielle for over a year and a half, what makes their boutique stand out from the rest you ask? Well quite a few things.

1. They are one of only 2 clothing boutiques located in Downtown Buffalo

2. Being a boutique that is downtown, it targets the working woman who may have to run out on their lunch to grab a gift or outfit for a unexpected work function last minute.

3. Their price point is great and budget friendly, targeting a little bit of everything for the 20 year old college girl to the 50 year old working woman.

4. Everything they carry in their boutique is unique and less expensive -you won't find what they sell anywhere else in Buffalo, seriously!

It is really important to Brittany to support the local businesses in Buffalo, that is why she carries a variety of items from local Buffalo artists who make stationary and cards, Buffalo themed nail polish and jewelry, home etched glasses and Buffalo themed books. Supporting the community and pushing the local artist, is what Sarah Danielle is about.

Brittany loves Buffalo because it's a small town feel, people are friendly and artsy in both the music and fashion scene. When choosing what to buy for Sarah Danielle its all about her instinct, knowing her customer and what they want and need.

When you leave the store Brittany wants you to feel comfortable, special, and unique. Its important to stand out and know that at Sarah Danielle Brittany is there to cater to you and help you find what you're looking for.

Make sure to follow Sarah Danielle on social media {Facebook, Twitter and Instagram}. Every Monday Brittany features an item of the week.

Meeting Brittany was such a pleasure, seeing someone who supports Buffalo and works with local artists to push their talents is pretty inspiring. Sarah Danielle is the perfect fit for the Ellicott Square building, not only is the store fresh and fun with beautiful clothes and accessories, it also has a piece of history behind it while moving forward to showcase new hidden talents from local Buffalonians.

Thank you Brittany for letting me share your story!


photo 1 (3)

photo 5

{Original door from the Ellicott Square Building}

photo 4

{ Buffalo Stationary made by local Buffalo artists }

photo 3 (3)

photo 3

photo 2 (3)


Lovely Lewiston

photo 1 (2) Every time I go to Lewiston, I'm simply amazed at the beauty there, from Artpark to Old Fort Niagara it is simply amazing, especially in the summer months. My friend Lauren and I decided to spend a Saturday afternoon just walking around and taking in that "small" town feel. We first stopped at Artpark where we were able to be "big kids" and make some clay pottery for free. We then walked around and saw some of the sculpture artwork that was in the park.

After Artpark we hit up the ever so popular Silo to grab some lunch and ice cream, from there we walked down by the water and saw the Whirlpool Jet Boat tours that take place by Water St. Landing. We didn't have enough time to take a jet boat tour, but it is on my list of things to do. We drove through the Main St. and just looked at shops and restaurants that filled the street. It was a relaxing afternoon just exploring the "hidden treasures" that are only minutes away. Have you ever been to Lewiston? What are some of your favorites places to go when you're there?
















Being A Little Crafty

makers 4 Once or twice a month Modern Nostalgia  and Blue Collar Buffalo host a Makers class where guests can be crafty for a few hours after work. Last week my sister and I attended the class on how to make your own clutch. The class was $38 and included all of the materials, snacks and 15% off any purchase you made in the store that night. Oh and you could bring in your own wine or beer as well.

We received step by step instructions from Gretchen on how to put together your one of a kind item. The class was a lot of fun. Each class offers something different. If you like being creative and making your own things I highly suggest you follow Modern Nostalgia and Blue Collar Buffalo on the social media outlets and come to the next Makers class.

Create a stamp of your own.


makers co

makers 5

makers 6


A trip on Hertel

I will say I don't get the chance to visit Hertel Ave. that much, but when I do I always enjoy walking down the street and visiting the local shops that reside there. One of my favorites to visit is Modern Nostalgia. I was on a mission to find a couple new pieces of clothing that I could wear multiple times as different looks and combine with pieces I already have at home. The store is so comfortable, I love the chic and rustic vibe it gives. And Morgan was great, she helped me pick out pieces that looked good and I was comfortable in. Definitely check them out when you're in the area or if you're looking for new pieces to add to your wardrobe. -B

green tea

{ Jasmine green tea from Spot and my Modern Nostalgia purchases }

elephant jacket

{ I couldn't resist to snap a picture of this lovely Elephant jacket #trunksareup #goodluck }

dressing room

{ This mirror in the dressing room is so pretty and the maxi dress on the hanger is so comfortable #feminine #chic }

mod nos

{ You can always spice up an outfit with the right accessories and Mod Nos has a variety to choose from }