pam and crista Just a little over 4 years... that's when it all began, I joined Crista and Pam on this one of a kind adventure - called Ooo La La Boutique. Through the years we did a lot - fashion shows, events, private parties, a mobile fashion truck...through the journey we picked up some fabulous ladies - the "Ooo La La Girls" - Tia, Allie, Rachael and Kelsey and we became a family. Through the laughs and tears, disagreements and silliness we got through it and did some amazing things that most people don't ever have a chance to do.

The best part of working with Ooo La La is - the sky's the limit - if we had an idea or a dream we pursued it - no dream was ever to big, no idea was ever too "crazy." I'm so excited for Crista's journey with Cabela's, but these next few months are going to be so bitter sweet. I seem to find myself saying goodbye to those close in my life as they pursue their dreams outside of their hometown and while it's a part of life, I'm still sad and its still tough.

While this isn't a "goodbye," for the Ooo La La family, its part of the journey that leads to great things. It may stink at times, but only time will make this change less bitter and more sweet.


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