Women Who Move Buffalo {Brittany from Sarah Danielle}

Being right across the street from where I work, the first time I've ever been in the Ellicott Square building was last week Thursday. I've seen pictures of the beautifully historic building, but seeing the building in person is completely different. I paid a visit to a clothing boutique that I started to adore on social media over the last few months and wanted to learn more about the person behind Sarah Danielle. Brittany Moose who is from Leroy, NY came to Buffalo to pursue her studies in the fashion industry at Buff State. She always new she wanted to do something in the fashion industry and it was when she started taking classes that she focused her passion on visual merchandising.

Having been with Sarah Danielle for over a year and a half, what makes their boutique stand out from the rest you ask? Well quite a few things.

1. They are one of only 2 clothing boutiques located in Downtown Buffalo

2. Being a boutique that is downtown, it targets the working woman who may have to run out on their lunch to grab a gift or outfit for a unexpected work function last minute.

3. Their price point is great and budget friendly, targeting a little bit of everything for the 20 year old college girl to the 50 year old working woman.

4. Everything they carry in their boutique is unique and less expensive -you won't find what they sell anywhere else in Buffalo, seriously!

It is really important to Brittany to support the local businesses in Buffalo, that is why she carries a variety of items from local Buffalo artists who make stationary and cards, Buffalo themed nail polish and jewelry, home etched glasses and Buffalo themed books. Supporting the community and pushing the local artist, is what Sarah Danielle is about.

Brittany loves Buffalo because it's a small town feel, people are friendly and artsy in both the music and fashion scene. When choosing what to buy for Sarah Danielle its all about her instinct, knowing her customer and what they want and need.

When you leave the store Brittany wants you to feel comfortable, special, and unique. Its important to stand out and know that at Sarah Danielle Brittany is there to cater to you and help you find what you're looking for.

Make sure to follow Sarah Danielle on social media {Facebook, Twitter and Instagram}. Every Monday Brittany features an item of the week.

Meeting Brittany was such a pleasure, seeing someone who supports Buffalo and works with local artists to push their talents is pretty inspiring. Sarah Danielle is the perfect fit for the Ellicott Square building, not only is the store fresh and fun with beautiful clothes and accessories, it also has a piece of history behind it while moving forward to showcase new hidden talents from local Buffalonians.

Thank you Brittany for letting me share your story!


photo 1 (3)

photo 5

{Original door from the Ellicott Square Building}

photo 4

{ Buffalo Stationary made by local Buffalo artists }

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photo 3

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