A trip on Hertel

I will say I don't get the chance to visit Hertel Ave. that much, but when I do I always enjoy walking down the street and visiting the local shops that reside there. One of my favorites to visit is Modern Nostalgia. I was on a mission to find a couple new pieces of clothing that I could wear multiple times as different looks and combine with pieces I already have at home. The store is so comfortable, I love the chic and rustic vibe it gives. And Morgan was great, she helped me pick out pieces that looked good and I was comfortable in. Definitely check them out when you're in the area or if you're looking for new pieces to add to your wardrobe. -B

green tea

{ Jasmine green tea from Spot and my Modern Nostalgia purchases }

elephant jacket

{ I couldn't resist to snap a picture of this lovely Elephant jacket #trunksareup #goodluck }

dressing room

{ This mirror in the dressing room is so pretty and the maxi dress on the hanger is so comfortable #feminine #chic }

mod nos

{ You can always spice up an outfit with the right accessories and Mod Nos has a variety to choose from }