Providing Inspiration Over Coffee and Conversation

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In one week I will be a part of an evening where people will be sharing stories of hope, love and inspiration. Things I think this world needs a lot more of nowadays. When I was asked to partake in this event, I was honored. Honored in the sense that one of the most important things to me, is inspiring people {whether I know them or not} to never give up and to know there is always someone there for them.

One of the best things I've gotten out of starting my own blog was getting to meet people within the local community who continue to inspire me each and every day. Next Thursday at 6:30 pm I'll be alongside my very good friend Kate from Hope Rises  who invited me to speak about Just a Blonde in Buffalo at the upcoming Daily Chatter event at Daily Planet Coffee Co. Inc. 

Not only will Kate and myself be sharing our stories, but you will get to meet a handful of amazing speakers who will be sharing their stories about hope and love. 

Come enjoy a delicious cup of coffee followed by some good conversation  on the 12th. 


Women Who Move Buffalo - Kate from Hope Rises



There are some people that walk into your life and if you're lucky they leave a permanent mark and if you're luckier you can call them your friend. Kate from Hope Rises is one of those people who I am lucky enough to call my friend. She has a huge heart and within the last few months has created Hope Rises, a blog idea that was created on a drive back home from a family trip from Florida. You see Kate was on her way back to Buffalo when the horrible Las Vegas shooting had occurred, feeling helpless she decided to make a difference by bringing positivity to the world by sharing stories of hope, heartfelt humor and happiness. 

Kate loves telling and sharing stories as she has a background in journalism. She tells the story not from her perspective, but from the perspective of her interviewee. As she began this exciting journey back in November she had a lot of help getting Hope Rises off the ground, not only from her loving family, but also from a good friend Nicole Cooke, who helped create the logo and brand.

Through Kate's story she met Annette Adamczak {to read about Annette's story click here} who is now a contributing writer for Hope Rises and a perfect example of faith and hope. The stories featured on Hope Rises are anything from animal rescue stories, military and child illness. They are stories from all over the Country and the World and Kate is looking for more submissions. If you have a feel good story, please feel free to share it with her. You can do that by submitting on her Facebook Page,  Hope Rises or by emailing her at

What does Kate want people to get out of all of this? She wants it to make an impact on people, even if its just one person. "To make a difference in someones life and to be able to give those who feel they don't have a voice the opportunity to let them share their story that is what its all about." Kate is happy to be able to highlight so many positive people. "You learn that there are a lot of heroes around every corner you turn."


What I can tell you, is for me, Hope Rises is a site where I can go when I feel like the world is a complete mess, a place I can go when I feel completely defeated, stressed and just want to give up. Its through the positive, heartfelt stories that help me know that things are ok and they will be ok. It puts the important things in perspective.  

Kate, you are making a difference, you are touching many people's lives and you are helping this world. You are helping people know that things will be just fine and when they feel like they don't have a voice, they do. So continue to be that positive force that we need in this world, because we need more people like you, to create change, create hope and spread more love than hate. 

Thank you for letting me share your story and thank you for being that person who walked into my life, left a permanent mark, reminds me to be a better person each day and who I can be lucky enough to call my friend.