Antique and Flea Market Shopping

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You've heard that saying “one persons junk is another persons treasure,” while I've never been antique or flea market shopping before and recently I've been more and more curious of checking these type of markets out so this past weekend with the weather being beautiful I took a trip out to the Antique World & Flea Market on Main St. in Clarence NY. Open year round this place is full of wonderful knick knacks and vendors. While I was out shopping I learned a few helpful hints that may help you as you venture through the world of Antique and Flea Market Shopping:

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1. Bring a Canvas Bag - This is for things you purchase. It holds fragile pieces better than plastic or paper bags.


2. Comfortable Walking Shoes and Clothing- You’ll be able to bend down and move things easy with comfortable clothes and walking shoes on.


3. Bargain Shop- Purchasing multiple items that are the same could save you some money if you negotiate with the seller. I purchased 4 similar bottles (originally $5 each and the seller gave me them for $15 instead of $20).


4. Have an Open Mind- You don't have to be creative when it comes to antique shopping. Most of the pieces have so much history in them that they speak for itself.

IMG_1984IMG_1983IMG_1979Other places I heard good things about are:

Coo Coo U

John Marfoglia Antiques


(if you're a Bride on a budget and looking for that "country chic" décor antique shopping is a good option to explore).