Behind the Scenes

On the set of Winging It Buffalo Style!

Last week I had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of WIVB (Channel 4) and the CW's Winging It, Buffalo Style! It was pretty cool to see how the newscast is produced and what goes into getting the news out to the public. Everyone that I met was so friendly and their very talented! A big thank you to my friend Jenny for showing me around and introducing me to everyone. I had a great time!


Myself with Brittni Smallwood - a reporter for Channel 4

Pretending to give the news


Gotta watch 4!!

Me striking a pose with the lovely Emily Lenihan. She is the online guru for Winging It Buffalo Style! and News 4

Me on the set of Winging It Buffalo Style! Its been a while since I was on that set

Control Room

Pretending to be a chef

Producer, Director - the people I could never be

Me watching the 12 O'Clock news


The Studio


Me with the Wonderful Diana Fairbanks. She is so talented!!

Me trying to give the weather report...I could never be a weather person

On the green screen

Becoming Invisible..


My fun is over

Me and Mike Cejka - Meteorologist