Buffalo: City of Good Neighbors

Bringing a little cheer to someone's day

The last few days I have been feeling under the weather and yesterday the worst thing could have happened - I was sent home from work. Today I came in to find a platter of cookies sitting on my desk. My co-workers thought I could use a little "cheering" up, knowing I'm a "work-alcoholic" and that I hate missing a day off they thought it would bring a smile to my face.

While not a lot of people think Buffalo is a great city because we lack jobs, are sports teams haven't been that great, and there's never anything to do, when you drive into town you will see a sign that says "City of Good Neighbors." This morning just reaffirms to me why we are a city of good neighbors... whether we are helping shovel people out of there driveways during a snowstorm, or coming together to help raise money for a family who had a house fire, to a simple platter of cookies to brighten someones day, its the little things that count. Buffalo is a community that comes together not just in times of need, but everyday.