Just like old times at Jack's Place

Jack's Place

Just off of Millersport Highway is a quaint bar called Jack's Place. Nestled at the end of the plaza this place is pretty low key. A few friends and me used to always go here after our work events. So when asked last week to catch up with them there I couldn't pass it up. Jack's is a place where we'd go and have a few drinks, catch up and talk about how ridiculous some people were and still are.

A wide variety of people come in throughout the time your there, people in their 20's, to people in their 40's. If your lucky you may even witness a bridal party that comes in from across the street from the Marriott, keeping there wedding festivities going well into the wee hours.

At Jack's Place you can play darts, play your favorite songs on the jukebox and enjoy the company your with. You can even grab a bite to eat if you want. The next time your in that area stop in and see what its all about.



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Photos taken courtesy of BZ