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When I began this blog of mine over six years ago I never imagined the amount of love and passion I would have for the city that I am so lucky to call home. Having always loved this region I didn’t think it would be possible to find deeper meaning, deeper roots and deeper passions that I have come to find, but it has happened and there is so, so much to be grateful for in our region.

Since it is “716 day” I thought I would share my list of favorite (favorite!!) restaurants, venues, activities, events, and people I like to follow. I know I missed A LOT on this list (it’s so hard to think of it all), but take a look. Let me know what are some of your favorite things in the 716 - places you like to go, events you like to attend and people you like to follow.

Western New York may be a small region compared to big cities, but it has a ton of talent, pride and passion to share with visitors and those that are lucky to call it home.

Favorites broken down by category:

Brewery: Resurgence – Have you checked out their new location at 55 Chicago? If not, definitely put it on your list of things to do


  • Southtowns: Alchemy Wine Bar/The Grange

  • Downtown Restaurants: Marble + Rye, Hearth + Press (especially before a show at Sheas), Hydraulic Hearth (love their outdoor patio in the summertime), Cantina Loco is my favorite spot for guac, and chips and they are my favorite spot for margaritas. Love Wasabi on Elmwood for Sushi

  • Northtowns: Share on Main Street, TCB on Transit Road and Greens on Transit


Cocktails – Duende at Silo City is a pretty cool, chill place, Angelica Tea Room, Just Vino on Main Street, Blackbird Cider on Chandler Street, The Terrace at Delaware Park is a beautiful spot as well, those views of Hoyt Lake are BEAUTIFUL.


Dog Park: Hands down my Harlie girl loves the Knox Farm – whether its running around at the dog park or walking the trails it’s a happy place for her


Workout Spot: #REVLIFE is the best life. Any class at Revolution Buffalo is sure to be a fun time. It is my happy place. A place where I take in all the positive vibes that I can. I also love Love in Motion yoga. Kate and Kath bring those feel good vibes with every flow

Outdoor spots: Hands down The Outer Harbor is my favorite waterfront spot and a spot that I never get sick of. Whether it’s a run, walk, the views or visiting Tifft Nature Preserve it has a special place in my heart. Delaware Park and Artpark are also places I love to visit outdoors


Fun things to do: A fishing excursion with Brookdog Fishing is a blast and I highly recommend for anyone (at any fishing level). The Buffalo Pedal Tours are so much fun, Hatchets & Hops is also a fun place to check out as well as the Silo City tours with Explore Buffalo


Coffee Shops: Remedy House, Tipico, Public and Overwinter


Favorite places: The Buffalo Zoo (that’s a given; I mean if you know me you know how much I love animals (more than some people)). The Aquarium is another favorite spot. The Science Museum, kayaking, The Buffalo Central Terminal and the Broadway Market

Shops I love to visit: Anna Grace on Elmwood, Mod Nos on Hertel, Winkler & Samuels Wine Purveyors at 500 Seneca, Pegs Hardware

My spots for wings: Nine Eleven Tavern in South Buffalo is a hole in the wall, but the wings are one of the best in town (in my opinion), I am also a fan of Carbone’s on South Park and Duffs

Favorite social media accounts to follow/motivate me, locally here in Buffalo: Buffalo Boss Babes, Christy at Wild Blossom Hollow, Lloyds, The Buffalo Zoo, Adventures are Waiting (Jess Kelly), BKind City, We Must Dash, Indie Twenty (Rachel), Love in Motion Yoga, Balanced Bright Life (Jessica Reagan), West End Interiors, Yoga Steve (Steve Procknal), and Lauren from Rev @liittlelauren


Favorite summer time events: Jack Craft Fair and new this year – Door Open Buffalo/Explore Buffalo, I always try and visit Shakespeare at Delaware Park too, it’s a classic summertime activity in Buffalo. Wines in the Wild at the Zoo is also one I always go to. For me being an event planner I feel like I attend a lot of events not just plan a lot so when a new event is created or its an event I have never been to – that excites me more than a recurring event, unless it has “wowed” me.

My bucket list of things to do before summer is over: Visit the new Explore & More, A hot air balloon ride (this has been on my bucket list for years), learn/try to paddle board – all those years at the Harbor and I never had a chance to do it then, visit Shirt Factory in Medina, and take a class with Ren at Rise Fitness.


Jack Craft Fair

IMG_1393 A couple weeks ago I attended the Jack Craft Fair at the Central Terminal. Being my second time attending the event, I was looking forward to seeing some of the Etsy shop owners face to face. While sometimes ordering online is nice, I am a fan of shopping face to face and meeting with the owners. Vendors lined the main floor of the Central Terminal with amazing pieces of art, furniture, jewelry and more. There was a live band, a DIY section and food and drink available. Even though it was quite warm inside, the backdrop of the Central Terminal was quite stunning. I've been inside that building a number of times and each time I'm there it still amazes me how beautiful of a place it is, its also nice to see it being used for events.

Below are some of my pictures from the event.





{Live band and line up of events}



{view of the main lobby full of vendors}


Exploring the Central Terminal

3rd floor When I saw that the Buffalo Central Terminal Restoration Corporation was hosting a tour of the building I had to jump on it. Growing up on Fillmore, the area holds a special place in my heart despite the decline in the neighborhood. It's hard to imagine that a building that beautiful once was booming with business during World War II. My father always talks about how my grandfather would use the trains to travel off to war and how he and my uncle would play roller hockey in the lobby.

Going on this tour gave me a better understanding of how the building was utilized during its hey day and how horrible the City of Buffalo's people in power can be at times. I also learned its those advocates and volunteers who have a lot of passion for the Central Terminal who keep it going and I can only hope one day the building is put to good use again.



Here are some facts I took away from the tour:

  • The Central Terminal process began in the 1880s. It took 43 years (1925) for NY Central and the City of Buffalo to agree on a location.
  • The bones of the structure are made of steel with classic brick art deco. Every 5th row has a row of smaller bricks for structural support. You just don't see buildings built like this anymore
  • The station is 85 years old
  • It took 2 years to complete  the entire building
  • More parking than anywhere else in the city, because it has underground space
  • The Central Terminal was a 15 million dollar project - $5 million went into building the building and $10 million went into reworking train tracks
  • Chicago was the top city, followed by Buffalo and then NYC being third as cities to have the most train travel
  • June 23 1929 was opening day just a few short months before the Great Depression hit
  • At its prime there were 250 trains coming into the Central Terminal a day (that's every six minutes) and 3200 passengers daily
  • WW II is when the terminal was used to its capacity
  • There are 17 floors in the tower with the 17th being a water tank
  • 1500 people worked out of that building, mostly in the railroad industry
  • On a good day you can see the Terminal from 15 miles away
  • In 1999 the tower was re-lite for people to see
  • There are multiple buildings within the main tower - some of those buildings were for electrical control towers, the power house, coat shop, mail and baggage and REA platforms
  • The U.S. Postal Service used railroads the most
  • In 1952 NY Central put the Terminal up for sale. It  dwindled down from 100 trains a day to  50 trains to 8 trains a day
  • There was a belt line in the City up to Toronto
  • The main lobby holds 9 ticket stations and really no benches - the concept was to get people in and out in of the building
  • There were a maze of tunnels underground
  • Last train out of the Central Terminal was in 1979
  • The City of Buffalo allowed the building to go to salvage. The Jimmy Griffin administration wanted to tear the building down
  • In 1997 the Central Terminal Restoration bought the building
  • Tony Fedele was a great owner for the Terminal and lived above the lobby for the 5-6 years while he was the owner. The City raised the property taxes each and then let the building fall apart with graffiti and broken windows.
  • After Tony Fedele's ownership, Thomas Telesco purchased the building for salvage rights and sold artifacts to multiple places including overseas, leaving a good number of the original pieces still missing from the building to this day.
  • Outside of the train travel industry another industry taking place in the Trolley Lobby was the Mafia and that was led by Council member Montana

To see a list of upcoming events that are taking place at the Terminal or to learn how you can help out, visit their website at buffalocentralterminal.org



memorial drive

Friday Favorites!

It's finally Friday and here are 5 things that made me smile this week. Have a nice weekend! central terminal 2015

{The Buffalo Central Terminal will still always amaze me}

pussy willows

{An Easter tradition - a batch of pussy willows}

lloyds - dyngus day 2015

{Its not Tyskie, but Zywiec beer and Lloyds on Dyngus Day works for me!}


{Cookie Dough Iced Coffee is back at Dunkin' Donuts!}

opening day

{Baseball season is officially under way at Coca Cola Field}