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When I began this blog of mine over six years ago I never imagined the amount of love and passion I would have for the city that I am so lucky to call home. Having always loved this region I didn’t think it would be possible to find deeper meaning, deeper roots and deeper passions that I have come to find, but it has happened and there is so, so much to be grateful for in our region.

Since it is “716 day” I thought I would share my list of favorite (favorite!!) restaurants, venues, activities, events, and people I like to follow. I know I missed A LOT on this list (it’s so hard to think of it all), but take a look. Let me know what are some of your favorite things in the 716 - places you like to go, events you like to attend and people you like to follow.

Western New York may be a small region compared to big cities, but it has a ton of talent, pride and passion to share with visitors and those that are lucky to call it home.

Favorites broken down by category:

Brewery: Resurgence – Have you checked out their new location at 55 Chicago? If not, definitely put it on your list of things to do


  • Southtowns: Alchemy Wine Bar/The Grange

  • Downtown Restaurants: Marble + Rye, Hearth + Press (especially before a show at Sheas), Hydraulic Hearth (love their outdoor patio in the summertime), Cantina Loco is my favorite spot for guac, and chips and they are my favorite spot for margaritas. Love Wasabi on Elmwood for Sushi

  • Northtowns: Share on Main Street, TCB on Transit Road and Greens on Transit


Cocktails – Duende at Silo City is a pretty cool, chill place, Angelica Tea Room, Just Vino on Main Street, Blackbird Cider on Chandler Street, The Terrace at Delaware Park is a beautiful spot as well, those views of Hoyt Lake are BEAUTIFUL.


Dog Park: Hands down my Harlie girl loves the Knox Farm – whether its running around at the dog park or walking the trails it’s a happy place for her


Workout Spot: #REVLIFE is the best life. Any class at Revolution Buffalo is sure to be a fun time. It is my happy place. A place where I take in all the positive vibes that I can. I also love Love in Motion yoga. Kate and Kath bring those feel good vibes with every flow

Outdoor spots: Hands down The Outer Harbor is my favorite waterfront spot and a spot that I never get sick of. Whether it’s a run, walk, the views or visiting Tifft Nature Preserve it has a special place in my heart. Delaware Park and Artpark are also places I love to visit outdoors


Fun things to do: A fishing excursion with Brookdog Fishing is a blast and I highly recommend for anyone (at any fishing level). The Buffalo Pedal Tours are so much fun, Hatchets & Hops is also a fun place to check out as well as the Silo City tours with Explore Buffalo


Coffee Shops: Remedy House, Tipico, Public and Overwinter


Favorite places: The Buffalo Zoo (that’s a given; I mean if you know me you know how much I love animals (more than some people)). The Aquarium is another favorite spot. The Science Museum, kayaking, The Buffalo Central Terminal and the Broadway Market

Shops I love to visit: Anna Grace on Elmwood, Mod Nos on Hertel, Winkler & Samuels Wine Purveyors at 500 Seneca, Pegs Hardware

My spots for wings: Nine Eleven Tavern in South Buffalo is a hole in the wall, but the wings are one of the best in town (in my opinion), I am also a fan of Carbone’s on South Park and Duffs

Favorite social media accounts to follow/motivate me, locally here in Buffalo: Buffalo Boss Babes, Christy at Wild Blossom Hollow, Lloyds, The Buffalo Zoo, Adventures are Waiting (Jess Kelly), BKind City, We Must Dash, Indie Twenty (Rachel), Love in Motion Yoga, Balanced Bright Life (Jessica Reagan), West End Interiors, Yoga Steve (Steve Procknal), and Lauren from Rev @liittlelauren


Favorite summer time events: Jack Craft Fair and new this year – Door Open Buffalo/Explore Buffalo, I always try and visit Shakespeare at Delaware Park too, it’s a classic summertime activity in Buffalo. Wines in the Wild at the Zoo is also one I always go to. For me being an event planner I feel like I attend a lot of events not just plan a lot so when a new event is created or its an event I have never been to – that excites me more than a recurring event, unless it has “wowed” me.

My bucket list of things to do before summer is over: Visit the new Explore & More, A hot air balloon ride (this has been on my bucket list for years), learn/try to paddle board – all those years at the Harbor and I never had a chance to do it then, visit Shirt Factory in Medina, and take a class with Ren at Rise Fitness.


Women Who Move Buffalo {Once and For All - Molly Hoeltke}

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{Molly Hoeltke}

Have you ever met a person that you could be around for a few minutes and already feel motivated to follow your dreams because they are so passionate about theirs? That’s what happened to me when I met Molly Hoeltke from Once and For All (formerly Once Vintage).

I was lucky enough to sit down with Molly last week. Growing up she never thought of working in the Fashion Industry, but as she went through school she studied Business focusing on the Arts. As she grew in her career she learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry through the experiences she had with marketing and film industry. She started styling in films {specifically commercials} six years ago and during her time in Manhattan she met a vintage shop owner and that is when she started to fall in love with the vintage apparel.

She moved back home and through all of the unique experiences she had – she was able to put together her own business and help it grow. In 2011 Once Vintage was created – a clothing line full of repurposing and vintage. After 2 years in – in 2013 she made the transition to wholesale and started Once and For All - a limited wholesale line that can be found online and in boutiques across the United States – specifically 10 boutiques throughout the East Coast.

Molly self-taught herself in pattern making, sewing, manufacturing and selling and everything in between - she basically learned everything she needs to know to make her business work and has given herself a fashion degree while learning on her feet.

Her focus right now is on a line with soft fabrics, twills, blues, blacks and whites – like a west coast, bohemian feel. She is evolving her line into a more mature, yet retro feel with an Indie/Australia vibe with cuts being more versatile and wearable for all sizes. She finds inspiration from some of her favorite designers – Chloe, The Row, Isabel Marant, Mara Hoffman and Cali Brands.

When I asked her what she loves best about Buffalo and why she hasn’t moved out of the area she said because Buffalo is a great place to start a business. It’s an easy lifestyle {except the winter}. There is a supportive community {most of the time}, she has a supportive family and it’s inexpensive to live. She loves going out to her country house in Varysburg on the weekends and often times finds inspiration there.

You can find Molly’s line locally in Modern Nostalgia on Hertel Ave. and Anna Grace on Elmwood Ave.

Once and For All is a very definitive and inclusive name. From a woman who has deep faith, it has personal meaning to her and represents her brand and all different women. I can say from meeting Molly she represents a strong woman, who is passionate and driven all while creating an amazing clothing line and has an amazing future ahead of her. And to have this talent in Buffalo is pretty extraordinary.

Thanks Molly for letting me share your story! -B

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{Her Studio}

Women Who Move Buffalo {Amy, Linwood Candle Co.}

linwood 4 This week I am featuring Amy from Linwood Candle Co. on my Women Who Move Buffalo series. I have become obsessed and love the candles she hand pours right here in Buffalo. Learn more about Amy and Linwood Candle Co. below.


How did it all get started? How did Linwood Candles come about?

Browsing around the shops on Elmwood Avenue I noticed beautiful and interesting items that were handmade, hand-poured, hand crafted, but in Brooklyn. I absolutely loved the items as well as the packaging and I would frequently purchase them. When it occurred to me that we should have more items that boast "hand-made in Buffalo, NY."

The name Linwood candle Co. came about from the walks down Linwood Avenue and simply admiring the architecture of the homes and the streetscape. One house in particular always stood out, so we sketched it and brought it to a friend and local designer Brett Mikoll (who also has a local company that creates beautiful hand crafted pennants called Oxford Pennant) and he took our sketch and created our logo from it.

Our company was also founded on Linwood Avenue and in a way we wanted to pay homage to one of our favorite streets in Buffalo.

Are the candles affordable for everyone?

All of the raw materials that create a Linwood Candle are chosen with care. From the kind of soy wax, the cotton braided wicks, the jars and the fragrance oils - everything has been researched and thought through. All of the fragrances I use are free of harmful phthalates, the wicks are lead free and the soy wax burns clean. All of my raw materials are sourced from American made companies- even the jar and the lid.

While it's difficult to compete with large companies, I'm confident that the saying holds true, " what you get is what you pay for." An inexpensive item is inexpensive for a reason. The quality, raw materials, or labor to produce that item might not be the best. Our candles are made in small batches of 5 at a time, which ensures the highest quality and the utmost care. We consider the air temperature in the room, the correct blend of ingredients and the technique in which we stir the wax. Some might view candle making as tedious, but I embrace the process. It forces you to slow down, focus and think about the way in which you are creating the product. It can't be rushed.

linwood 2

{Photo above taken from Linwood Candle Instagram}

If people want to learn more, or purchase your product, where can they go to information?

With our company still some-what new, we have a few company goals. One of which is to produce a website with great product photos. Once we have a website, people will be able to find more information regarding our process, list of items, etc., but for now we relay on Instagram as well as Etsy.

Do you make customizable scents for people if they ask?

Absolutely! That's one of my favorite aspects of candle making. If someone gives me a few scent notes that they like, I can concoct a one of a kind fragrance tailored specifically to them.

linwood candle

{Photo above taken from Linwood's Instagram account}

Has anyone ever done private parties with a bunch of their girlfriends - like a candle making class?

I've had several people ask me about this and I would love to host a private party or candle making class. We haven't done so yet, but we would love to in the future. We've thought about how it would work, since the candle typically takes about 45 minutes to completely cure.

Do you offer any specials, promotions? Or would you like to share any fun events you have coming up?

Recently I've been receiving orders from my Etsy shop from people who live in Buffalo . Its been really cool because they will order online and since they offer to pick it up, I'll include a "free shipping" coupon. I love this because I get to meet and chat with my customers face to face. With my candles primarily being wholesale I miss the customer contact and seeing who purchases my product. The whole aspect of re-establishing the connection between producer and consumer is a passion of mine as well.

We are very excited that we were invited to participate in Steelfest on Saturday, May 16th from 10-5pm at the Heritage Discovery Center on 100 Lee Street in Buffalo. As well as Bases Merloted on June 6th from 5-8pm at Coca-Cola Field.

How did you land in Buffalo? Are you originally from here, what made you stay?

I was born and raised in Buffalo. I feel as though something exicting is happening in Buffalo right now. There are so many entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies choosing to live and work in Buffalo. I can't help, but contribute my own small business endeavor to the beautiful architecture, the rich history of the area and the creative minds that I've met along the way. Especially those who have inspired me  {Ro and Anna Grace}.

Thank you Amy for letting me share your story!

linwood 3

{Photo above taken from Linwood Candle Co. Instagram}

linwood 5


Support & Shop Local!

As most people know, I am a big supporter of shopping local and supporting local businesses. Today I'm featuring a few of my favorite clothing boutiques in the area. Each one offers something different to the area and this is by no means a complete list of my favorites. If you haven't been in them, now is the time to check them out with the new spring arrivals coming in! -B


Anna Grace {Elmwood Village}


Blush {Elmwood Village}

mod nos

Modern Nostalgia {Hertel Ave.}


Research and Design {N. Buffalo Rd., Orchard Park}


Ooo La La Boutique {Main St., East Aurora}



Friday Favorites!

This week has been crazy, I'm looking forward to a fun weekend full of fashion and Christmas decorating. Have a great one! -B


{One of my favorite stores in the Elmwood Village - Anna Grace}


{Stacks of Santa letter! One of my favorite campaigns for the Make a Wish Foundation. The Macy's Believe Campaign.}


{Spotted an Elf on the Shelf at Resurgence Brewery this past weekend}


{The 3rd Annual Deck the Halls takes place tomorrow night and proceeds benefit Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Shelter}