Queen City Market

Tis the season to shop! Being that I'm a big #ShopLocal gal I decided to head to Karpeles Manuscript Library on Saturday to get a chunk of my Christmas shopping done at the Queen City Market event. First things first, what an awesome venue this event was held in, the architecture is beautiful! Second, so many local vendors were on hand, some that I never even heard of before {that made for great networking opportunities} and they offered unique finds. This event had variety, something that you don't always find at some events. It was nice to walk around and not see the same thing on each table. Another great thing on my list, it was affordable! Some of the items I purchased at this event I would have paid double at if I went to a large retail store.

I know that if the event is held next year, I would definitely go back. There are to many reasons on my list not too. To see a list of who was there click here. Below are pictures of some of my favorite vendor tables and shots of the venue.


queen city market

queen city market 2queen city market 4queen city market 1queen city market 3