Friday Favorites!

This week has been a challenging one for me mentally. I like to see progress in everything I do and when nothing changes over a period of time you have to walk away from it, even if its something you don't want to do. Being the bigger person in some situations isn't always the best thing, but its the right thing. I'm hoping a weekend with family, Christmas shopping and football will relieve some of my stress. In the meantime here are a few photos that made me smile this past week.Enjoy! -B


{Deck the Halls this past weekend}

main st beth photo

{A classic car and white Buffalo on Main St. in Buffalo}

ellicott sq beth photo

{The Ellicott Square Building is beautiful without any decorations, so having this tree set-up makes for a stunning display}

bisons beth photo

{Anyone up for some "snow" ball. A snowy Coca-Cola Field}