buffalo links 1. Barre Centric is hosting a Barre class at one of my favorite locations in Orchard Park, Research and Design on April 23 from 7-9pm. RSVP for your spot.

2. One of my favorite blogs to read is from EmJay Fit. A local Western New York trainer who teaches you how to be the healthiest you can be. Check it out!

3. Polish festivities are taking shape this week. With events being held at the Broadway Market and Dyngus Day events happening next Monday. I can't wait to check out what St. Stanislaus has in store. Make sure you get your squirt guns and pussy willows!

4. I started following Her Story Boutique on Instagram and need to make it on my list of places to stop into next time I'm on Elmwood. I love the pictures they post. From the looks of it, it looks like its my style.

5. I can't wait for the warm summer months when I go back to Lewiston and can stop by the Brickyard for a pulled pork sandwich and a nice cold beer on their patio.