Sweet Treats

rice 5 Have you seen the commercial running on television showing the Mom making rice krispy treats with her kids, but in the shape of eggs. Well whether you have or haven't, in the Easter spirit my niece and I made them over the weekend.

In my first ever attempt to make rice krispy treats I picked up all the necessary ingredients: Marshmallows, Rice Krispy cereal and M&M's.

rice 2riceMost of you probably know how to make rice krispy treats, but in any case, first take 3 tablespoons of margarine or butter and melt in a microwavable bowl. Then take the marshmallows and in the same microwavable bowl with melted margarine or butter cook on high for 1 minute or until they are melted. Once melted add three cups of rice krispy's and mix together. My niece added in the M&M's while I was stirring all the ingredients together. You can then spread the rice krispy treats onto a cooking pan and serve or for the Easter holiday shape into eggs and put M&M's inside for an "extra" sweet treat. Enjoy!

rice 4

rice 3