A narrow view by the creek

IMG_6405 Located on Main Street in Williamsville is Creekview Restaurant, a nice restaurant where you can go and sit at the bar for drinks or make a reservation for a casual dinner. My family and I went there for my birthday and it was pretty nice. The parking lot is a little packed as it is shared with the other plaza shops, but the food and customer service was great. A little packed inside I felt like a table of 6 should have been put off in another area other than the main room. Sometimes I felt like we were more in the way than being guests. the restaurant has a lot of charm and character though, I suggest it for someone looking for a local restaurant to go to with their family or children. The menu along with their children's menu offer a variety of options which is nice to see. If you're ever in Williamsville and looking for a casual place to go check them out.




{ St. Patty's Day drink special - Jameson, Ginger & Lime }


{ Bar area }


{ One part of the seating area }


{ Part of the entrance area }