Out of Towners

Just A Blond In Buffalo Collage With all the hype created a few weeks ago about bringing "Jimmy Fallon to Buffalo" and with the visitors this past weekend for the NCAA Tournament, I got to thinking, if I was able to give him or any out of town guest a guided tour of Buffalo where would I take them? And what would I want them to see and remember this area by? Below, is what I thought of without much thought. I'd love to hear, where would you take anyone visiting this area.

First, I would take them to good ol' Niagara Falls, because how many people can say they have a Natural Wonder in their "backyard."  We'd stop at the Aquarium and feed some seals and then head to the Buffalo Zoo to see Luna and Kali who have brought a lot of attraction back to the zoo. After there we would make a pit stop at Spot coffee for a mid- morning coffee/tea break and I'd show them the shops and bars/restaurants on Hertel. From there we'd head over to the Elmwood Village and stroll through some of the local shops, art exhibits and eateries. We'd stop at a local food truck that is parked and grab a bit to eat.

From Elmwood I'd take them down to Canalside where we would check out the naval ships and then head over for a kayaking and silo city tour. Once that was done we'd head over to the Cobblestone district and stop in at Helium Comedy Club for a drink and some laughs. Other stops we would make would be to the historic Lafayette Building, Coca-Cola Field, Bird Island, Central Terminal and City Hall. We would end the tour with a stop in the South Buffalo to the Nine Eleven Tavern for a classic Buffalo staple - chicken wings and beer.

One thing I thought of as I was writing this post was the fact that even though this may seem like a lot to do in one day, it doesn't even cover half of the stuff to see and do in and around town. From wine and bike trails, museums, breweries, parks, places to eat and shop to architectural buildings; this would just be a little piece in what is like a "big cake."

It also doesn't include festivals, events, celebrations, sporting events and parades that are celebrated in town each and every year. With the "warmer" weather approaching us {soon hopefully} there are only going to be more things to do, more places to go and more reason to love your hometown.