Monday Morning WrapUp #PushGo

pushgo1 Today on the Monday morning recap I'm talking fashion and local business from the Elmwood Village. Over the weekend I attended the Mass Appeal show at the Pierce Arrow Building. It was my first time attending the very popular fashion event that I've always heard things about. It was also my first time inside the Pierce Arrow Building; it was a neat building I liked the look of it and it fit with the theme of the show, urban trendy, it had an old factory look type thing going on.

I thought the overall show was good, it was like any other fashion show I've attended, it was entertaining and creative, but it didn't "wow" me. I thought the VIP area was minimal and could have been more elaborate, but I did like the displays of designers work on manikins and the fact that you could talk with the designers about it. I also do like the comradery from the Elmwood Village- boutiques, designers, restaurants all coming together to put on an event to raise money to better their neighborhood. It shows the sense of community in the area and its a night for everyone to showcase their talents, put aside any differences and support each other. After the show buffaBlog hosted an after party - we didn't stay to long after the show ended, but we were able to catch the aerial acrobatic person who was performing over the stage. It was a nice touch to see when walking out.

If you attended what did you think? Did you enjoy, not enjoy, let me know your thoughts.






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