{ Buffalo links }


Buffalo Links to take a look at this week:

1. An event for the ladies - hosted by Kaleida Health, enjoy a Night of Indulgence

2. All of us have had or probably know someone who has been to Hospice, Friday they celebrate their Harvest Festival - if you enjoy wine you'll enjoy this event

3. Halloween is approaching quickly and with that come Halloween parties like the Knights of St. John's on Saturday - Halloween Dance

4. Being in Ellicottville this past weekend made me really get into the "Fall" season. They have great places to shop and eat. One of my favorite stores was Kazoo II

5. I was so happy when I saw this article online and found out Gabby from After 5 Events had a hand in the couples special day! Congrats pretty lady!

6. Swirls in East Aurora is amazing!!! Congrats to Mike on creating a great café for anyone to enjoy!

7. Just another pair of shoes I'm obsessed with by Bella Belle Shoes, who by the way make their shoes locally here in Buffalo. You can purchase these online or get them at Ooo La La Boutique

8. The Buffalo News had a good article on the Fort Erie Race Track Tuesday. Since being around for 116 years the track had its last race of the season Tuesday and hope it will be around for years to come.