Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week

fw12 Last Thursday kicked off Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week (MBBFW), this past weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie Brochey (Press Coordinator) and Lizzy Dugan (Beauty Director). Below is my interview.

BP: How long has MBBFW been around?

SB: This is the fifth year and its my third year being a part of fashion week.

BP: What is your favorite show of the week?

SB: The Villa Marie Show featuring Chris Palu and the Main Runway on Thursday featuring Marc Ella (Marc and I attended FIT together).

BP: What are you looking forward to this year at fashion week?

SB: The Runway shows at the Statler and connecting with people and being with friends.

BP: For someone who is attending fashion week for the first time do you recommend them seeing a certain show?

SB: It depends on your interests, if you like local boutiques, you should check out the local boutique show at the Mansion on Delaware on Tuesday. If you like swimwear or more high end fashion the Main show on Thursday night is the show to see.

BP: What should someone wear when attending a fashion show?

SB: Be creative, I encourage people to go all out because fashion week is the place to do it.

BP: How many people work behind the scenes for MBBFW? When does planning start?

SB: Core people are between 12-20 people, from hair stylists, backstage coordinators, volunteers and assistants. Planning usually starts around April and goes into full speed in July.

BP: What is your must have/favorite piece of clothing right now?

SB: Tulip skirts, there simple, comfy and easy to dress up.


{ MBBFW on Facebook - Boutique Show Tuesday 9.24.13 }


{ Lizzy Dugan, Beauty Director MBBFW }

BP: How many years have you been involved with MBBFW?

LD: Three years

BP: How long have you been in the industry? What is your role at MBBFW?

LD: 13 year in the industry and my role at fashion week is Beauty Director.

BP: What is you favorite show during fashion week?

LD: The Main Show at the Statler on Thursday evening.

BP: If people want to schedule an appointment with you where can they find you?

LD: My website or my Facebook page: Elizabeth Dugan Hairstylist and makeup Artist

BP: The Beauty Expo is a new edition to MBBFW this year, can you tell me more about the expo?

LD: The Beauty Expo was a great addition this year, it allows people to attend a hair show and branch out, try new services, meet new salons and it also was an opportunity for salons to meet new clients and motivate attendees to try new things.


{ Lizzy demonstrating how to do a fish tail braid }


{ Annette after Lizzy was done with her fishtail braid }




{ Not only did I get a press pass I got a manicure just in time for my trip to NYC this week }


{ Cheers! Mimosas and Wine }





{ Lizzy doing knots in my hair }


The Beauty Expo was a lot of fun and a great addition to fashion week this year. If you have the opportunity to see any of the remaining shows going on this week you should go. I attended last year and they were a great time and I got to meet a lot of talented people. If you love fashion, beauty, or just want to experience something different click on the link above.