{ Women Who Move Buffalo } Gabrielle from After 5 Events LLC

428648_190694981034421_1809632648_n[1] This week's Woman who moves Buffalo is the one and only Gabrielle Pagano from After 5 Events LLC. Gabby is a one of a kind, creative wedding and event planner in Western New York who began her career working as a Marketing Manager for a global beer brand. During her time there she did everything from maintaining the exciting and stylish image of the brand while creating and executing the brands large events.

Eventually, the time came when Gabby had to make a career decision and she decided to take a chance (and a good one at that) and created After 5 Events. During the beginning stages of her business she studied everything she could, from accounting and website creation to branding and search engine optimization. Learning all the in's and the out's in the event business that she could, she did some traveling and networking and came back to Buffalo and stumbled upon a storefront in her hometown of Williamsville. With A LOT of hard work, paint, blood, sweat and tears the store was ready.

After 5 Events offers an array of packages that are customizable to suite each and every clients needs. Packages range from month of coordination to a 'Red Carpet" Package that includes professional assistance throughout every step of the wedding and event planning process.

Gabby is an amazing woman who loves Buffalo because its her home. "I love the beauty of this city and the juxtaposition of new vs. old, cold vs. hot and grit vs. beauty. We truly have it all and I am so thankful for that. What other city can you spend the afternoon having cocktails on a rooftop, lunch at a museum, dinner and dancing in a ballroom hundreds of years old with original architecture and finish up the night in a perfect little dive bar til' 4am?"

Working on multiple weddings and private parties, some of Gabby's favorite places are private properties because she can really be creative and think out of the box. Incorporating things people in Buffalo don't know about is what she loves to do. She is constantly keeping her events fresh, new, exciting, fun and unique.

I was thrilled to be able to meet Gabby at her office a few weeks ago. She is truly a genuine and passionate woman who cares about each and every one of her clients. She takes the time out to really listen to them and their needs and you can see that in the outcomes of her events.

If you have a special event coming up I highly suggest calling Gabby at After 5 Events. You won't be disappointed.



After 5 Events LLC

5957 Main St.

Williamsville, NY 14221

{716} 908.9517

After 5 Events on Facebook

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{ My visit to After 5 Events }



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