Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin

larkin If you're like me you may have heard and even seen food trucks throughout Buffalo, but have not had a chance to taste all the foods these trucks have to offer. That all changed this summer when Harry Zemsky thought of an awesome idea to host Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square.

While I have been down to "Larkinville" a variety of times, I haven't been there on a Tuesday night, so last week my Mom and I went to Food Truck Tuesdays. We of course stopped and paid a visit to my friends at the Ooo La La Fashion Truck and then made are rounds. With a packed house of people and over 10 food trucks it was overwhelming to chose who to go to. Mind you I've only every had a gourmet hot dog from the famous Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs truck so deciding who to go to was a hard decision. Do I try the famous and ever so popular Lloyds? Or do I go with a truck I never heard of before? Decisions, decisions. Eventually I decided on Mac n' Cheese and my Mom chose a sandwich from Square 1 Sandwiches.

With food trucks taking Buffalo by storm over the last few years this is a great place to go and check out what's to offer. Each week there is a different line up of food trucks that stop down and serve you up what they have to offer. Bands are on hand playing live music, colorful patio furniture is on hand for you to relax in (or you can opt to bring a blanket or your own chair to sit in), the tennis courts are on hand for people to play on and hula hoops are available for kids.

Food Truck Tuesdays has been such a hit that food trucks from Rochester have been making special guest appearances the last few weeks and with such positive feedback you can be sure to see this carry into the early stages of fall and go out with a big bang in October.

Food Truck Tuesdays takes place every Tuesday (rain or shine) from 5-8pm.


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larkin 5{ Another busy night at Food Truck Tuesdays }

larkin 6larkin3larkin2larkin4{ The lucky food truck I chose }

larkin1{ Cute presentation - Mac n' Cheese in a Chinese container }

larkin 8{ Still my favorite food truck - Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs }

larkin 7{ Just hanging out on some fun patio furniture }