{Women Who Move Buffalo} Em Jay Fit


Today's Woman who moves Buffalo is one of the toughest ladies I am lucky to know, Em Jay Fit. Em Jay (also know as Morgan McNerney) is a personal trainer who specializes in extreme weight loss. You may know Em Jay from the ever so popular BikeorBar where she teaches the popular CrosSpin.

Em Jay started her business because she herself was overweight as a teen. For her 15th birthday she asked her parents for a gym membership and a personal trainer and with her trainers help she was able to shed 90 lbs. Its then that she realized she wanted to show others that they could lose the weight to and turn their lives around.

" I love the hometown feel of Buffalo. All the Mom n' Pop stores and restaurants. I lived in Phoenix for a bit, which was great, but every single store and restaurant was a chain. Nothing like the feeling of a home cooked meal, even when you're out to eat."

-Em Jay

Em Jay is amazing! Every time I take a class she teaches I know I'm going to 1. be sore the next day, 2. get an amazing workout while cursing and maybe crying (no not really, just kidding) 3. learn new exercises that I can take with me to continue to do on my own time 4. SWEAT a lot and 5. Do Burpees. :)

Em Jay specializes in personal and group training so if you want to make a change in your life you can contact her through a variety of ways. You won't be sorry you did!

Email } Emjayfit@gmail.com




{ If you know Em Jay, you know you'll be doing burpees }