SHOW HOW: A Night of How-To



Do you ever wish you knew how to do something or knew someone who knew how to put something together? I think everyone goes down that path once or twice, wishing they knew who to call in times of need. Well this Saturday, August 24th is a great time to meet people of all trades at the event "Show How: A Night of How-To" hosted by Communify: Buffalo.

Show How: A Night of How-To is an event that will feature some of Buffalo's most talented small business owners, skilled men and women and community organizations who will be demonstrating basic repairs, skills or activities in their field.

The goal of this event is to enable and energize attendees with the knowledge they need to perform basic skills and activities while creating an opportunity to network with people who can complete advanced work for them if need be.

Show: How is being held at 464 Gallery on Amherst St. in Buffalo on Saturday, August 24 from 6-9 pm. Presentations will begin at 6:30pm.  $10 will be charged at the door, $8 if you bring a canned good and wine will be served.

For a list of vendors participating in the event click here:

Communify: Buffalo Facebook Page

Created by Stephanie Brochey, Communify: Buffalo's sole mission is "Connecting those who need something, with those who have something to give." Previously known as Buffalo Friends Co-Op Initiative, it began as a Facebook page encouraging widespread use of sharing, exchanging and creating opportunities to help others in the community.

After the tremendous response Stephanie rebranded and launched Communify: Buffalo. Through the events and outreach on social media, Communify stands to connect individuals who are looking for support, material goods, services, volunteers, etc. with those who can offer it to them.

 "There are so many great local businesses and organizations that desire to connect to a larger audience of people and oppositely a lot of people who appreciate knowing how to complete simple tasks for themselves. We hope to make this a regular event and continue to feature more and more of these people."

-Owner of Communify: Buffalo, Stephanie Brochey

This is a great event for anyone interested in meeting new people and looking for experts in a particular field of work. Check it out on Saturday!


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