Summer time...

Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square 

Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square 

Its been a while since I posted on my blog and its for the simple fact that summer is the busiest time of the year for me. work wise. BUT I do try my hardest to have some sort of a work/life balance as I possibly can during this time of year. 

Tonight was one of those nights that reminded me that its ok to take a step back and put your phone away and not respond immediately to an email, text or phone call. 

My very good friends Nicole and Jessi did just that. We all met at "Food Truck Tuesday" at Larkin Square {an event I haven't been to since it began}  and enjoyed our glasses of rose wine, the food trucks and just catching up and making new memories. 

Rose all day.. cheers

Rose all day.. cheers

If there is one thing I'm learning more and more each day, its to enjoy the little moments. Laugh more, experience more and just be in the moment. 

Until next time,


Buffalo Distilling Company


This week I'm kicking off a story on a couple pretty cool guys I met a few weeks ago. I had the chance to meet and chat with Andy and {Frank, in passing} two of the 3 owners of Buffalo Distilling Co. Andy gave me a run down on how it all began and a tour the facility that sits at 860 Seneca Street in the Larkinville area. 


Buffalo Distilling is a NYS Farm Distillery and while they began production in their first facility  in Bennington, NY they chose to move into the city {Buffalo} where the action is and really where all 3 of them live. What people in Western New York may not know is that the guys at Buffalo Distilling make booze the old fashion way. They create their product to emulate this area, they use grain that is from this area along with product from Smith Orchard in Pendleton to name a few. 


Their hot button item is their One Foot Cock Bourbon, but they also offer Brandy, Apple Pie Moonshine {which came out right before the Holiday season}, Vodka {which is the only vodka to this day that I can take a straight shot of and not make one of those ugly faces after}. And lastly they are having a Krupnik release party this coming Saturday, March 3rd beginning at 5pm. 

The Krupnik release and Polka party will feature not only tastings of their One Foot Cock Krupnik, but also feature a polish food menu and polka dance party, with Polka Band, Special Delivery performing. Best part {outside of the krupnik} there is no cover! 


All the guys have a hand in each part of the business and they all take pride in what they do and have a passion for it. Its all about building personal relationships with people and being able to see what you make and how the consumer falls in love with it. 


Friday Finds!


Celebrating the first full day of Summer with Make Music Day at Wilkeson Pointe!


A good crowd came out for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership's Annual Report meeting at Larkinville on Wednesday morning. Larkinville is one of the prettiest places to be in the summer


A behind the scenes tour of the Curtis Hotel was quite fun! The beautiful walls from the original building are stunning. This place is going to be a pretty cool place to go in the Fall


Rooftop views in downtown Buffalo got me smiling from ear to ear


I love this!


Larkin-Links-Poster-012-667x1024[1] Larkin Links - a new activity to do down at Larkinville just opened earlier this week! can't wait to check it out!


Driving thru the Village of Angola, I never realized what a cute town it was and would love to check it out sometime this summer.


This Saturday at Canalside - bring your Dad out and celebrate Father's Day a little early at the Buffalo Brewers Festival!


An event at the science museum that I hope I can attend - the Solstice Soiree!



With the nice weather finally hitting Buffalo yesterday, I thought this week's #BuffaloLinks post would feature a food truck event, places to go for nature walks and outdoor patios. Enjoy! ef09dde3-2e43-4009-8e8a-22089c601600[1]

A food truck fest with a twist - swapping Chefs! Check it out at Larkin Square on Friday!


A place I've never been and want to go this Spring - Zoar Valley


I came across The Phoenix when researching outdoor patios in Western New York. Now its on my list of places to visit.


Another place I have never been and would like to hike through this Spring - Akron Falls!



{ A local pizza place on Grand Island that I'd like to check out. Why you ask, because of the comic book café! Say Cheese! Pizza Company}


{Another place to add to the thriving "Beer Boom" in Buffalo... the World of Beer {based in Florida} announced they will be opening a location at the Walden Galleria Mall}


{An event I wish I could attend this coming Saturday at Larkinville - the Ice Festival. Offering a variety of activities for friends and family!}