Friday Finds!


Celebrating the first full day of Summer with Make Music Day at Wilkeson Pointe!


A good crowd came out for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership's Annual Report meeting at Larkinville on Wednesday morning. Larkinville is one of the prettiest places to be in the summer


A behind the scenes tour of the Curtis Hotel was quite fun! The beautiful walls from the original building are stunning. This place is going to be a pretty cool place to go in the Fall


Rooftop views in downtown Buffalo got me smiling from ear to ear


I love this!


photo 3 (2) I don't make my way to Lewiston that often, but this past week my friend Lauren and I caught the Sara Bareilles concert for their Coors Light Wednesday concert series. You can't go wrong, for general admission, tickets were $11 and you we got to see a pretty talented artist. Artpark is such a pretty place, for those who love nature, music and being outdoors I suggest taking the pretty drive up to Niagara county and spending a day exploring and seeing what its all about.


photo 4

photo 1

{ Sheltering ourselves from the rain }

photo 2 (2)

{ Coors Light Wednesdays #cheers }

photo 5

photo 3

{ The pretty rainbow on our way home }



Rock On?!?

Last Monday, I attended my first "rock" show with two of my co-workers. I didn't know what to expect and well I didn't know if I would be able to stand through the music, I don't really listen to rock music. I however, had a great time. The concert was held at the beautiful Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls and Jeff and Rob were great at prepping me for what to expect. We saw Digital Summer, Trivium and Volbeat. I will admit once Trivium took the stage I thought a fight broke loose, but it was only the mosh pit that formed. It was quite distracting as I was more interested in the people bouncing off of one another than the band on the stage. For the headliner, Volbeat the music was a little "softer" and there were actually a few songs I bobbed my head too. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely attend another show with the guys again. I don't know if I can say I'm a "rocker chick" now, but I may use that term from time to time. Thanks Jeff and Rob for taking me under your wings and showing me how to rock. #Rockon


{7 Things I've learned from the rock concert}

1. Be prepared to see people crowd surfing

2. When you fall in the mosh pit, they help you back up.

3. You have to wear at least one thing that is black

4. It took me 3 beers exactly to "let loose"

5. The girls that attend these shows are tough!

6. Be prepared to stand close to people.

7. I tried understanding what the band was singing and even saying for that matter...DON'T, just go with it! Halfway through the 2nd act I gave up trying to understand what they were saying.


rock concert video

rock concert vid 2

ceiling rapids

{ Getting ready for the show to start }

grp photos

{ Rock On }


{ The mosh pit }

rapids theater

{ The bar at Rapids }

rapids upstairs

{ Balcony area }


{ Entering through the doors }

rock con

{ Digital Summer }


{ Trivium }


{ Volbeat }

rock on

{ I survived }


buffalolinks1.2 Its the second day in the new year and with that comes a lot of people {hopefully} still sticking to their New Year's resolutions. Some of the common ones are losing weight, being healthy or being more organized. I think some of the links this week can help you stay on track with your resolutions.

1. Black Dot Record Boutique - I don't know what it is, but I enjoy record shops and boutiques. Something about the "hipster" and "old-school" feel makes me enjoy looking around at what music they have to offer.

2. I am a big list person - I have lists of multiple things - goals, to-do lists, etc. One place on the must check out list this year is going to Vera Pizzeria. I've heard multiple reviews some good, some bad, so I want to check it out for myself and see how it is.

3. I will be the first to admit {& so will my family and friends} when I say I have to learn to relax a little bit more. With that being said I want to incorporate more yoga into my exercise. I tried it once last year and thought it was ok, but I definitely want to check out Bikram Yoga in Williamsville, I've heard a lot of positive things about this place.

4. Let's face it, we probably all could be a little more organized in our lives, whether its paper documents, clothing and shoes, pictures or toys having the right storage and organization system would help us alleviate time we take to search for things and do things we would rather enjoy doing. Creative Storage of Buffalo has a variety of services and organization tips to help any of us get more organized in 2014.

5. Another goal of mine {& maybe yours as well} is to run a little more this year. I ran my first 5k race last year and I would love to complete a half marathon this year, so a great website to help me prep for this is Buffalo Runners. They have a list of races {from 5ks to marathons} that will help me prepare for my goal this summer.

Whatever your goals or resolutions are this year, I wish you the best of luck to sticking to them.

Have a great Thursday!