IMG_6604 With me recently purchasing a home, I have been busy looking for furniture and deciding how I want to decorate each room. Watching a lot of DIY and HGTV has me over consumed with ideas and what I should do, but with some advice from friends and family, I know to take it piece by piece.

This weekend I went on a little furniture adventure with my parents. We stopped at the ReStore building {part of Habitat for Humanity} on South Park {they also have a location on Amherst St. in Buffalo}. While there were a couple knick knacks that caught my eye, I didn't find anything that popped out. We did stop at a furniture store a little ways up on South Park though and I found an entertainment piece for my living room {I was so excited I bought my first piece of furniture I didn't even take a picture of it}.

For people on a budget, but wanting to spruce up a room in their home, places like ReStore are a great place to go. Or if you are looking to donate furniture to a place ReStore is a great place to donate too.