Cuba, NY

cuba 6

{Just a Blonde in Buffalo photo}

Country living... I am finding myself enjoying my time more and more with nature {that sounds weird}, but its true. Over Labor Day weekend I went out to my family's cabin in Cuba, NY - a cute little town with awesome cheese at Cuba Cheese Shoppe and home of the Garlic Festival {that's taking place next weekend 9/19 and 9/20}. Are cabin is right past town, you can't really get reception so the use of cell phones is very, very limited, making you actually enjoy peace and quiet. Maybe its because I don't get to go out there as much as I'd like, but every time I'm out in the country I wish I had more time to spend out there. Its the simple things, like fresh air, roosters waking you up in the morning and some good company that make me enjoy it the most. Below are some of my pictures from the weekend.

cuba 5

{Corn fields}

cuba 4

{In town - Cuba NY}

cuba 2

{Coffee Shop}

cuba 1

cuba 3

{Classic photo - drinks and good conversation around the fire}