#BuffaloLinks - Distillery Edition

FullSizeRender-2 Clayton Distillery down the 90 to Clayton, NY their slushies {for adults} are delicious! And strong. They are right next door to miniature golf making it a fun afternoon of activities if you're visiting the 1,000 Islands


Buffalo Distilling Company- offering Apple Brandy and One Foot Cock Bourbon you can find their product in local liquor stores and at Larkinville.


Tommy Rotter Distillery on Seneca St. is a NYS farm distillery - their vodka is smooth yet tasty making it one of the only liquor I could drink on the rocks. They also offer Gin as well.


{Niagara Distilling photo from Facebook}

The only product I haven't tried out of the list - Niagara Distilling Co. located on Ellicott St. uses organic grain for the distilled process. With a 1,500 square foot tasting and retail space they are on my list of places to visit.