Friday Favorites!

One of the biggest struggles I find myself dealing with over the last couple of weeks is finding the time to go out and explore and just do random tours or attend an "unplanned" event. It's trying to find that balance between my work and social life, while not getting to crazy and wearing myself to thin. I think, {like a majority of people feel} there is not enough time in the day or we think we can push off something to another day. Sometimes I think that's acceptable, but right now I just think something is missing and I've been trying to find that spark.

Regardless of how I have been feeling lately, here are a few pictures I took from this past week that have made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend!



{A walk to Canalside - new artwork up}


{Spring is here}


{Spending Mother's Day with my Mom at Resurgence Brewery}

chicago - millennium park

{This awesome kids park in Chicago - this is amazing! It would be cool to see this in Buffalo}