Just a Blonde in Buffalo - DIY - Glass Bottle Messages - Party Favors

IMG_4233 For my birthday I got a little creative and did special messages in a bottle for guests to take with them. They were meant to keep at their desk or give to someone they care about. The messages were pretty simple and to the point:

Be Fearless, You've Got Spunk, Be Better Than Yesterday, Hit Me Up in the 716 and Don't Ever Lose Your Smile were just some of them.

The little DIY was pretty simple and didn't take long. All you need are the following:

Paper, Glitter and Mini Glass Bottles with Corks (you can find them on Amazon here).

Step 1:

Create a word document with clever sayings - cut them out into small strips and place in the bottle.


Step 2:

Place a little bit of glitter (any color you want) in the jar.


Step 3:

Close the cork on the bottle and you're all set!


Finished product!