Tuesdays are for Tap Lessons

1buffalo_kaisertown_007[1] One of my favorite childhood memories was going to dance class. I took dance at the Center for Dance Arts on Clinton St. in Buffalo. It was a small studio, but had a lot of energy come out of it. While the studio is no longer there, I will always remember the two sisters who ran it... Miss Dorothy and Miss Lorraine.

Miss Dorothy was the best, telling us to "let loose" and "shake it." When I first started dance classes I took tap, ballet and jazz, then I branched off and just did ballet and jazz. Some of my favorite childhood memories came from dance. I would love going to Buff State where the recitals were held every June. My Dad would always have flowers waiting for me after the recital and my brother would always wish he didn't have to go {lol}.

Its sad to see the studio not open anymore, but I'm thankful the memories I have.



{A couple pictures of some of my dance costumes}