Women Who Move Buffalo {Elyse, from EXO Supply Co.}


{I love the samples Elyse provided me with! Thank you!}

Ladies have you ever thought to yourself – why does nail polish remover have to be so potent and harsh? Even the ones that say they are "sensitive" still have a distinct smell when you open the bottle. Well not any more. Elyse from EXO Supply Co. created a nail polish remover that is eco-friendly, smells beautiful {think the smell of lavender} and is plant based.

Learn more about her and EXO Supply Co. below!


When did EXO Supply Co. launch?

Since April of 2014

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What products do you offer?

Outside of the nail polish remover {Pure Remover}, look for an all-natural coconut cleanser that can be used on hands, body and face coming this spring!

What is EXO Supply Co.?

Branching off from her father’s business at Griffin Chemical Company, Elyse worked hard to develop, produce and market a product that is clean, organic and not harmful. Pure Remover is so gentle it makes it the perfect product to use on children’s nails.

Pure Remover is on the higher end of nail polish removers {think of OPI nail polish}, but once you use this product you will know why - its high quality!


Where can you find EXO products?

You can find EXO at a handful of places - the Lexington Co-Op, Gridlock Lacquer, Tony Walker and Co., the list goes on! {For a complete list, click here}.

If you travel internationally you can find EXO products in Ontario, Canada {Niagara on the Lake} and the Philippines.

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Want to know what fun promotions, events, activities Elyse has coming up?

She is prepping for a huge event this weekend – the Pre-Party Expo at the Oscars on Saturday. EXO, Koukla Cosmetics and Her Story Boutique will be hitting the red carpet and promoting their brand with the stars!

On top of this awesome opportunity this weekend, Elyse was excited to share with me that EXO has recently lowered their shipping costs online. Making it even more appealing to order online!

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When I asked Elyse what she loves best about Buffalo she said the people. "Interacting with other business owners is welcoming and it’s not like other places." When I met with Elyse for this interview I could tell how proud, passionate and excited she is on what EXO Supply Co. stands for and where it is going in the future. She has an awesome product and I hope you test it out!

{Please note: photos courtesy of EXO Supply Co.}