A Little Sake at the Saigon Café

IMG_3490 With everyone's busy schedules now a days my friend Nicole and I try to meet up at least once a month to catch up at a new restaurant in the area with wine and food. A few weeks back we met at the Saigon Café {which happens to be in a new location on Elmwood since Oct. of 2014}. While I was waiting I figured I would get a sake flight {its been a while since I had one and it took me back down memory lane when I visited my cousin in Japan}. The Black and Gold was my favorite!


Once Nicole arrived I ventured over to wine, we stayed at the bar and order a bunch of food!{See what we ordered in the pictures below} I had never been to Saigon before so I was going off of Nicole's expertise {she did an awesome job, everything we had was delicious!}.


{Vietnamese Hot & Sour Soup}


{Pad Se-Ew with Chicken}

We also order the Curry too, but I didn't snap a pic. of it. ..It was a Tuesday evening so while the bar area wasn't that busy, the dining area had a decent crowd. People had also been coming in and out, picking up the take out food they had called ahead for {I think this is a nice service to have and gets bonus points in my book!}. The overall feel of the restaurant was cozy and nice. I loved the lighting, and the windows, Saigon is located on the corner of Elmwood and W. Utica so you can see everything going on outside, which I liked.

If you've ever been what are some of your favorite dishes? What are your thoughts on the new location? Do you like, don't like? Share them with me!