Tuesday Toughness!

trying-inspirational-quotes[1] Today's fitness center I'm featuring is a pretty popular one. Catalyst Fitness has 4 locations located throughout Western New York and offers more than just group fitness classes. They have cardio areas, weight training, juice bars, personal training, a child center for children to hang out in while you work out and much more. I've been a member at Catalyst for a number of years and outside of being clean, I love that the staff is personable and friendly.

While I would only take a group class here and there, now I find myself wanting to take more and the one and only reason being, Morgan is the Group Fitness Director. Yes, I may be showing a little {or a lot} of favoritism, but she is one of the best. I know I will get a good workout and I won't get bored with it. It helps that she has a great outlook on life and it rubs off on you when you take anyone of her classes too.

For more info on Catalyst check out their website and see what they have to offer! And make sure to follow Morgan on Instagram! and Sweat Buffalo!