"Lose Your Head In The Clouds"

IMG_3459 As we kickoff the week and get back into some sort of daily routine, it's only fitting {for me} to look ahead at January. This past weekend was unusual for me, outside of a really fun game night with friends on Friday night, I had nothing else planned and for once, it was quite nice. I tend to always fill up my calendar with things to do, not because I don't want to, but because I feel like I will miss out on something if I don't have something to do {that's silly, isn't it?}.

So I got to thinking, sometimes having that time to yourself is the best thing for you. For me, it gives me time to focus more on my goals and aspirations and to be frank, just live in the moment. One of my most current goals is to "take time to smell the roses." Instead of always feeling like I have to do ten million things all the time and crunching tons of activities into my calendar, {leaving myself feeling like I have know "me time"} I'm going to focus on quality over quantity and try to learn that its ok to not be everywhere, all the time. Its ok to not have a plan or an agenda and to just go "wherever the wind takes me."

January is going to be about reprioritizing my life, building on relationships I already have in place and focusing a little bit more on me and not trying to please everyone, because we all know that is very hard to do.

What's on your agenda for January? Do you have anything specific you want to tackle this month? No thought is to big or to crazy, so go ahead and "lose your head in the clouds."