Ice, Skates, Pick Up Hockey, Curling, Gold Domes and Labatt Blue Silo's

This past weekend, I took my Dad, niece and best friend Agnes {who is in from Chicago} down to Buffalo Riverworks {we wanted to go to Canalside for the ice skating, but due to the warm weather we couldn't skate down there}. Buffalo Riverworks was pretty cool, we got to watch a pick up hockey game on one rink {the boys were nice to look at ;)} and on the other one we watched them set up for the curling lessons that were going to take place. We walked over to take some pictures of the Labatt Blue silo's before heading back at noon for open skate.  Unfortunately, they didn't have small enough skates for my niece and because it seemed there was a bit of disorganization as people were walking in, so we headed to Rotary Rink to test our luck and see if they had small enough skates for a 4 year old.

After are short trip down the street, we were in luck and Rotary Rink not only had skates for my niece, but it was a couple bucks cheaper for kids {$2 for kids 12 and under} and adults {$3}. There was a decent crowd on the ice, but it wasn't to bad. It was the perfect weather, while it was a little warmer than usual, the wind was still present downtown to make it just a tad chilly.

There is so much going on during the winter months, if you have people in from out of town, it is the perfect time to show them around the city - showing them all the new developments taking place, is pretty awesome! We spent an afternoon downtown and I still feel like it wasn't enough time to take in all the exciting things going on. Until next time!


2014 silos


{Getting the ice ready for curling lessons}


{Not only an awesome view of some of the hockey players, but of downtown in the background}

rotary rink

{Down at Rotary Rink on Main St.}