Tuesday's Thoughts

il_340x270.414122328_sdrm[1] Here are my thoughts for today. We live in the United States of America, the land of the free. While I believe and encourage everyone to have their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs, the recent protests that have been taking place throughout the Country, is upsetting.

Whether you agree or disagree in the outcomes of what happened in Ferguson and NYC, anger and violence are not the answer. Yes, you may make a statement and get noticed, but outside of that, what else have you accomplished?

We are a Country that is suppose to be an example for the rest of the world, but when we start to act like people we are fighting overseas, what do we really accomplish. Nothing will ever improve in this world if we keep repeating the same things.

As Americans, we should create change. When something horrible and inexcusable happens, yes its ok to be upset and angry, but use those feelings and make a difference in a positive way. Lead by example! Creating more violence and crime isn't going to change or make anything better. And those are my thoughts for today.