Bills Game Thoughts #...3

IMG_2784 I've said it before, but Monday's are always better when the Buffalo Bills win! I know this past season I've shared my thoughts on games that happened earlier in the season, today is no different. Yesterday's game brought excitement, fun and some observations that I thought I would write about.

1. Half of the arguments or attempts to fight each other by fans come from girls starting trouble. Yes, I just said that. There is always that one {or two} girls that come to the game with a group of their friends or with their boyfriend and have enough drinks in them to act or say something that starts trouble. Which brings me to my second observation...

2. Nothing good comes when people drink to much! Don't get me wrong I love football and I love attending the games, but yesterday's first half took forever! And with that fans had more time to grab some more beers and make more "great" decisions.

3. We won! So why were people racing to pull out of the parking lots and cut people off? Don't get me wrong after every game there are always some people that drive not so great, but more than usual, yesterday brought out the worst in fans as they left the stadium by car.

I feel like you may think I'm a stick in the mud and being a little "negative Nancy," but these are my observations. I do enjoy the games... A LOT, I just think that people get lost in all the hype and build up that surrounds football games and they forget to act like responsible adults.

Until tomorrow...