Emerson School of Hospitality

IMG_2467 A couple weeks ago I had the chance to attend a school tour and presentation at Emerson School of Hospitality {the school is located on Chippewa St. in Buffalo}. I've walked past the building multiple times, but never really gave much thought to it, but after this tour, this school is pretty amazing!

With a multiple level building this school is an academic, fitness and culinary center. Emerson sure does impress. Not only do students go through all of their general studies, they have a chance to take classes in the culinary arts. Learning how to cook, bake and prep all kinds of foods.

Emerson offers a café style area called Emerson commons and that is open on school days from 7:30-10am {breakfast} and 11:15-1:30pm {lunch}, making it a great spot for people who work downtown. Emerson also offers banquets and catering and makes wedding cakes, along with a variety of other fine desserts.

For someone {like me} who just thought the school, was like any old ordinary school, its not. Its pretty awesome and its pretty cool that kids have that type of opportunity in this area.

For more info on Emerson click here.



{One of the multiple kitchens that you can see as you walk by on Chippewa St.}


{Emerson Commons, open to the public on school days}


{Car view}