A Memorable Gameday Experience


{My Dad and I on the field post Bills game}

My Dad and I have been going to Bills games for quite some time now, its nice "father/daughter time," so after this past Sunday's game we had the opportunity to head on the field. While I thought it wasn't going to be as exciting as pre-game passes would be, it was a lot of fun! The loss to Kansas City put a "little" damper on the day, but we made best of the situation and the experience. We got to take pictures, run around the field and throw the football around. The Bills staff were friendly, personable and fun which made it more enjoyable. It was definitely a memory that will stay with me through the years. Below are a few of the photos I captured.

Go Bills! And SQUISH THE FISH tonight!



{Yes, I had to take a selfie on the field}