A Fall Festival Full of Fun


{Just being a kid and playing in the leaves}

I made my way to Fall Fest again this year with Annette. While I always love going to Ellicottville {maybe its because I don't get there very often} the scenery is beautiful and I love the local shops that line the streets. This year I observed more and took in all that its worth.

1. There are a lot of talented artists that line the streets during this festival weekend, new food vendors lined the food truck row and the Armor Inn Truck seemed to be a popular spot to go.

2. Katy's is awesome. While we only stopped to get a coffee, the food looked so good! It is a must go back, place for me!

3. Bars are starting to charge cover earlier than normal {at least I think so, instead of what I thought was once 2pm it was now 1pm}.

4. State Troopers were out more than ever. I've seen one or two in years past, but this year we saw a handful going and coming from the event

5. For a single girl like me, I love seeing the attractive men that attend this event ;)

If you have never been I encourage going even if its just once. It makes for a fun Fall day and usually takes place the second weekend in October.




{Love this sign outside Katy's}


{ A cute place to go, full of knick knacks, it even has a "Husband Drop Off Center" for those guys in your life}


{I love Ellicottville Brewing Company}


{One of my favorite shots I captured}