Less is More Sometimes

IMG_1299 A couple weekends ago my sister and niece went with me to pick out pumpkins like we normally do this time of year. Instead of going to the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence like we normally do, we decided to go to Becker Farms and change it up a little. While I enjoy Becker Farms for their winery and brewery, I was really disappointed in the service {or lack there of} when it came to the children's area and pumpkin barn.

While every other area was open and ready to go, the area to pick your pumpkins and pay was closed and just opening {at 12:30pm} when we were ready to check out. If you wanted to pay you had to lug your pumpkins to the country store to pay for them. To top it off the staff {if you could find them} was rude and not helpful when it came to answering questions and it made for a not so fun time and us regretting our decision to just go to the Great Pumpkin Farm. The pumpkins were overly priced costing us $33 for 5 of them, that I could have gotten cheaper somewhere else.

So even though I like the winery and brewery on site, I think they should refocus on what they want to do next year. Sometimes its better to not have it all and focus on the areas you're good at. Sometimes less is more...


Even though it was a disappointing experience, I did capture some pretty scenic shots while we were there.



{A smile on my face, even though the service wasn't so good}