A Reflection... #OneBuffalo

IMG_1408 It started off with a huge celebration, the Pegula Family, introduced by Chris Berman on the big screens at the Ralph, chants, signs saying One Buffalo, Johnny Rzeznik performing the National Anthem to us looking pretty good in the beginning of the game. Then it happened, the horrible officiating started to take place {to the point where it looked like they didn't even know what penalties they were calling on}, to the horrible Brady who wouldn't even give a high five to the half time little league team playing on the field {really is a high five gonna hurt you Brady}, all to Gronkowski crying that he got "hurt."

With the lack of patience fans were having with the NFL Officials {I don't even know if I should call them that} the game day staff wasn't any better, we had event staff walk up and down are section at least 6 or 7 times before they decided to kick a fan out for being rude during almost the whole game. It really takes you that many times to decide whether or not this person should go?!? Oh and let me not forget to mention the lady who maybe watched a total of 10 minutes of the whole game. Instead she felt that getting food and drink and walking around aimlessly was the way to go. I think she would have been better off staying at her tailgate or hosting a party at her home, it probably would have saved her a few dollars.

I know I sound harsh, don't get me wrong I do enjoy {very much} going to the games with my Dad. And I must say I am lucky we sit next to some awesome people, but I feel the need to voice my opinion on what I observe each week. Yes, I know its an NFL game, but am I wrong to ask where people's common sense has gone. As fans we build up this "hype" that we have to do x, y and z and isn't the real reason we're all there to watch a football game?

Until next time! Go Bills!


Bills game, National Anthem 10.12.14 

{Click above to watch my video of the end of the National Anthem performed by Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls}


{I'm not the only one who thought the officiating was bad}


{Breast Cancer Survivors took the field during the end of the 3rd quarter}


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