Leaving a Legacy

IMG_1325 As I'm writing this post I still have goosebumps from the Buffalo Bills win against the Detroit Lions. What a game! Every game is important to win, but A LOT was on the line for Buffalo. 1. This was the last game where the Buffalo Bills are owned by the Wilson family. 2. Winning this game keeps us first in line in the AFC. 3. Whenever there is a quarterback change as fans you always wonder how it will end...in our favor or not.

While play calling was iffy at times, the team came together till the very end to lead their fans in a nail bitter winning game. I can only imagine what Mary Wilson and the rest of the Wilson family were thinking as they watched on. Ralph Wilson has done so much for the Buffalo Community, not only by owning the Buffalo Bills, but by leaving billions of dollars to go to local charities in this community. He was a man that was smart, passionate, positive and influential. A role model. And I can only hope that others follow in his footsteps.

Sunday marked an end of the Wilson era, but their legacy will last forever in the hearts and minds of Bills fans everywhere.

Until next week! Go Bills!!!


Buffalo Bills Fans - Just a Blonde in Buffalo

{ click above - I captured this video of fans at Bada Bing after we won the game. #Buffalove }

My NFL Fan Style - Buffalo Bills

{ My NFL Style - Buffalo Bills, Just a Blonde in Buffalo }


{ My friend Lacey taking selfies post win, check out her blog #forty74 forty74.com }

group photo

{ The girls! Go Bills }